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Cosmetics firm Kiehl's celebrates its 10th anniversary in Spain with a charity project called 'Kiehl's LifeRide' in favor of the Foundation Juegaterapia.

New York-based cosmetics firm Kiehl’s since 1851 a few weeks ago it celebrated its tenth anniversary in Spain presenting his new charity project, 'Kiehl's LifeRide', which aims to raise funds for the Foundation Juegaterapia, which helps children with cancer through the game.

En 1851, Kiehl's was born as a pharmacy in the East Village of New York, style apothecaries of old Europe. His founder, John Kiehl, Create a business whose originality and richness lies in a unique combination of knowledge cosmetics, pharmaceutical, botanical and medicinal which they have been enriched over generations. Currently Kiehl's has carried out a selective process of internationalization with the opening of boutiques in some of the major cities like Hong Kong, Taiwan, París, Londres, Hamburg, Milán, Barcelona, Valencia, Sydney, Dubai and Madrid, where they opened ago 10 años. (only in Spain, Kiehl's has opened Spain 41 centers in this decade).


Kiehl's Spain team

Para celebrar estas «bodas de aluminio» se ha llevado a cabo la iniciativa ‘Kiehl’s LifeRide’, that encourages the purchase of a Limited Edition Solidaria bestselling Ultra Facial Cream, whose profits will go to the completion of the next "Garden of My Hospi" the Juegaterapia Foundation plans to open in the HospitalGregorio Maranon de Madrid. 'LifeRide' (El trip de la vida) It is inspired by the spirit of Kiehl's motero, which dates back to the beginnings of the brand, when Aaron Morse, second generation of the founding family and passionate adventure and speed, proudly exhibited his collection of motorcycles at the pharmacy 3rd Avenue in New York, where they remain in the public eye and from which have spread to many other boutiques throughout the world.

Names like Leticia Dolera, Leonor Watling, Lulu Figueroa, Search Lapique, Ramón Freixa, Alfonso Bassave, Peter Vives, Anna Castillo, Andrea Duro, Mariona Ribas, Irene Rubio, Katia Klein, Andrea Drilling, Put Laura and Abel Arana And I, por supuesto! We attended the celebration.

resized_photocall-anniversary-Kiehl-Laetitia-Dolera resized_photocall-aniversario-kiehls-leonor-watling

PHOTOGRAPH photocall: Bernabé Cordón



Ultra Facial Moisturizer Kiehl's started selling for the first time in the early years 70 y, desde entonces, It remains one of the products most requested by customers of the brand and a "must" for professional makeup artists in Hollywood.


This is perhaps the facial moisturizer most versatile and used in this product line of Kiehl's due to its lightness, a su tacto sedoso y a su idoneidad tanto para pieles normales a secas como pieles normales a grasas.

Está formulada con uno de los ingredientes de referencia de Kiehl’s: el escualeno, un aceite natural altamente refinado derivado de la aceituna y reconocido por su compatibilidad con los aceites naturales de la piel. Esta preparación ofrece una magnífica hidratación que deja la piel sana y suave. En esta ocasión cuenta con un packaging especial. Precio: 26,00€ (50ml); 40,00€ (125ml).