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In addition to traveling to know, it is also interesting to carry out original plans in those destinations. Here I propose 10 things you should do while traveling.

Already you know that traveling is one of my favorite hobbies! Not only the fact of discovering new places and open mind, but also be able to make plans and enjoy in your daily life are relegated to "to see when I can”. In addition to traveling to know, it is also interesting to carry out original plans in those destinations. Why Musement's friends have suggested me that I propose 10 things you should do while traveling to inspire you and that you enjoy your butt breaks.

For those who do not may know, Musement It is an online platform for booking activities leisure and culture in popular destinations. Too easy find plans in the city you visit and to live many different ways. But let the mess!

Enjoy food local: There is no doubt that one of the things most interesting travel is also encouraging our palate. Is why even it created a special category for it, The gastronomic tourism! Whether or not your main reason for travel, Yes you should enjoy local food and let to surprise. Por ejemplo, Can you imagine going to Florence and not only enjoy your meal but to learn to make a typical homemade dish?

A museum essential: It is clear that each city It has its essential museum. Y oye, It is worth enjoy! It is the only place in the world and you will see what is there and houses that deserves some attention. Although sometimes you can may cast back the idea of ​​having to wait long for to access, There are options to enter without queues even in the busiest in the world, como por ejemplo, la Gallery Uffizi.

A GEEK museum: By not?: But hey, You may also be surprised to museums unexpected or rare. At the seems the? Something special, unique and that make you think: "To who he will have occurred this?"If you find something not hesitate to live butt! Example: The museum Pizza in the United States or Erotic Museum of Barcelona.

Go shopping: If only to brighten the view, always good to take a walk the shopping area of ​​the city you visit. Especially try open your mind and do not focus on international chains, give one opportunity for local shops or second-hand where you can find some hidden treasures. As an example this walk by a Paris flea market. ¡maybe surprises!

Travel to the past: What do you think make a small trip the past in some of the cities to visit? Visit those places that have managed survive the passage of time and bear witness of other times. By example, visit a factory which it was operational during World War II.

The night you confuse: Por supuesto, entre las 10 things you should do while traveling could not miss enjoyment sundown. Each place has a distinct nightlife and discover it sure is very special. From quiet sunsets and relaxed nights, to plans for debauchery and madness to go bar hopping dance to the many.

Living a show only: To introduce full in the culture of each place you visit is important also enjoy their shows. A flamenco show In sevilla or watch different types of folk dances of Rapa Nui in Chile. You'd be given an insight into the art of each site!

Find out all: Sometimes go to our air is the best, But other comes in handy know everything, all and all! Do not you think? Why is Sticking also recommended to make a guided tour some landmark, por ejemplo, discover Bosphorus told by an expert.

Live sport another way: We can not forget sport, But let's give it a spin! Try to enjoy something original and It surprised you did not do at home. Por ejemplo, make a workshop surf o, live near the Great Abu Dhabi Award of Formula 1. There! Wildly! :P

A toast to return: Por supuesto, to end these 10 things that you should do while traveling we have to celebrate our trip with a good toast to get back to where we were so happy. By Why not try the local cocktail moda or discover a combination export of ingredients for our upcoming holidays?. By example, a perfect plan can be a tour cocktails in New York.