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reviewed in 1 minute some of the iconic garments Friends, The series that has made history!

El 22 de septiembre de 2019 are met 25 anniversary of the premiere of the legendary series Friends (“F R I E N D S” first aired on Thursday, 22 de septiembre, de 1994 on NBC). Of course in Gafas Yellow him had to do a tribute, and it could not be otherwise than through the moda! I have selected some iconic garments that surely all remember Friends And if not to see them again quickly sure your memory!

Check out 1 the minute 10 Friends iconic garments that gave us the series during his ten seasons And his great momentazos!

They are including the minimalist dress Rachel found, mythical and leather pants funny Ross or desirable orange coat Phoebe ... you remember them all? Would you mind coming to any more? If so, do not hesitate to put in comments.

The Friends series and fashion

Friends certainly was a milestone both television level as iconic level. His characters are part of the popular imagination and their presence went beyond the screen, By creating real fashions! As "the Rachel«, hairstyle and wicks Jennifer Aniston's character became fashionable (And what's even his own Wikipedia page!) or anticipating trends the following 25 years since its premiere, as explained in this article Elle: Girls Friends brought him before you.

What if I do not want to be a shoe? What if I want to be… a purse? Or a hat?

Rachel Green – Friends.

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