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You know take advantage of those magnificent copies of Isabel Marant sneaker that all must have already?

I'm not discovering anything new when I say that Isabel Marant Sneakers, Willow calls, They have become the shoe of the season. Bueno, más that own designer shoes, its hundreds and hundreds of copies, who have already made to the Chining . De hecho, I think the mass was so great that are becoming almost in the "vade retro satanás"Season this squad as Free. So, tanto, while between this and the military trend you go all in uniform. And look at me like Joias, but my daughters, what little always pleases and how much just angry.

The roll "technical trick"Inner wedge and get sneakers are a must have in the closet, besides look like female – and they tell me quite comfortable – me han conquistado. Además fill a niche in relation to lack of "comfortable shoes fashion many desired.

Since you have to show them off and, After the way they are bad, You can wear them to sack as we sweat it if stain ...

10 ways to take advantage (o no) your false Marant Sneaker

1. Concert: Who said you could not go a groupie sexy? Además, sumoda inner wedge will make up a few centimeters and not have to smell up your nose the underarm of maromos around you.

2. To work: If you're not a photographer, blogger, stylist, student, unemployed or clerk of Mercadona, stop reading and continues in the next paragraph. Yes you are, You can wear whatever the hell you want to work (or not working)... So yourself.

3. By field: Clothes to go to the field is a roll! That is "salt ". Go ahead and make a veiled, and inspiring tribute 2.0 Aunt Paqui, si, that was going wedges into the field "because I can not ride plane”. You will be the most modern reate!!

4. Sex: Ya sabéis que a los hombres no les gustan las cuñas. Además, except most heavis, rockers and other herbs, probably think a girl can not be sexy shoes… Let's show them otherwise. A trick: Try to put you only false Marant. Powder insured. Life can be simple ...

5. To go to the gym: We all know that 93,45% de la población (without exaggeration) just step on the gym as a social activity – socialize with friends, out for a while, move a bit - but not excessive - and especially, to feel less guilty ... it is certainly muNcho better feel guilty centimeters more. ¿o no?

6. For jogging: Running is for cowards! A fleeing enemy, Silver Bridge, and every cloud has a silver lining. Mother there is only one and I found you on the street. Stop hitting the child who has already appeared the piano.

7. To escape the session egoblogger: If you're going to pose in the railway, your false insurance Marant sneakers to run faster than a Louboutin Pigalle. If they attacked in the industrial area, running ... You can save your life.

8. To escape the session egoblogger (2): You're the friend, and pringada, you have to take the pictures to the egoblogger and are up parrus ... enough said. (Gema, te quiero)

9. For the cold: It is serious. shoes = = calorcito thick socks foot = ♥

10. To think that all molas (this month): We know how the mass, this month springs, the following no ... If it's any consolation I think that at least molarás painless and warm. And this is less suffering and is OK.


You know some good causes and useful time for copying the look of Isabel Marant sneakers you've already scrounged this fall - winter. You're welcome.

But whatever happens, let me give you some advice, por favor, the only thing wrong accompany you in your life are shoes (and clones) but your experiences, experiencias, moments and sensations not understand Low Cost!.

Ala corderitas, to enjoy the Willow. Will there be the 44 somewhere? Yellow how not!