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If you love cheese and many days do not know what dinner, This article is for you. Finish the day with a caprichito always good, ¿verdad? Here you have 3 dinner ideas for Cheeselover.

There is no doubt that the great variety of cheeses that exist - and of course the thousands of ways to include them in various dishes - make the cheese to become one of the favorite foods in our diet. We are many who enjoyed long as we can! But some go a little further, If you are a true CheeseLovers know it's never enough cheese. Example: taste a creamy cheese with a glass of wine or watch as trickles to be cast on other food, He gets us salivating! Here's why I want to give 3 dinner ideas for Cheeselover.

What are the virtues of fresh cheese?

But what are the virtues of fresh cheese are? The cheese is not only a delicious food, also it has many nutrients that provide great benefits to the body. (Por supuesto, always we talk consuming properly – Nothing in excess is good!).

Some of the virtues that this rich food stand that prevents osteoporosis, strengthens teeth and bones, Strengthens the reproductive system, boosts the immune system, reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease reduces chronic.

About Smartfood of Quescreem

I realize this article because I just know the line Smart Food de Quescreem, a range of products consisting of cream cheeses and fresh cheese delicious and healthy.

This young Galician dairy company develops products with quality raw materials and proximity, It has created a series of products designed for those who worry we bring good nutrition. Among them are several new features like a cool idea to grilled cheese. But I do not spoiler! You'll have to see ideas below dinner!

3 scenes to Cheeselover easy and healthy.

For years the belief that eating cheese at night caused the weight gain was. Fortunately nutritionists have shown that this is false. All'll depend on the portion you eat and combination to do it in other foods that can be heavy for dinner. Por ejemplo, It's great, Quick, simple and not too heavy to get a quick tosta using the ingredients you have in the fridge, Even as simple as a little cheese and some lettuce!

If you are a true #CheeseLover these recipes you'll love: quick to make, light and especially tasty.

Fresh grilled cheese with asparagus (Ideal Cheese Quescrem Iron, tomatoes, lemon, asparagus, oil and salt) Heat a pan with some olive oil. Prepares Quescrem Ideal Cheese Iron in a couple of minutes. Cut the asparagus in half and place them in the pan where doraste cheese, Stir and add salt, olive oil and lemon juice. To serve, place on plate 2 o 3 tomato wheels, Above each of them placed a slice of fresh hot grilled cheese and asparagus.

Zucchini cake with fresh cheese (Cheese Quescrem 0% grease, courgettes, carrots, onion, eggs, Parmesan, aceite de oliva, fresh basil, salt and pepper). Brush with olive oil a baking. In a bowl mix eggs with cheese, salt and pepper. Place baking dish on a layer of sliced ​​courgettes, another of onions and carrot, placed on top of the egg mixture and cheese to cover the entire surface, put another layer of vegetables and repeat the procedure until finishing with the zucchini slices, It ends with a layer of the liquid mixture, Add the chopped basil leaves and parmesan cheese on top and introduced into the furnace, preheated to 180, durante 20 minutes or until set.

Greek salad with cheese. (Ideal Cheese Quescrem Iron, tomatoes, pepino, onion, pepper, oil, Apple vinager, miel, salt and dried oregano). Wash and chop the cucumber and tomato on wheels. Onion and paprika, cut into strips or julienne. In a bowl salad, put all these ingredients, salpimienta and stir. Cut cheese once already prepared grilled diced 2 cm and book. In a separate container prepare a vinaigrette with 3 olive oil spoons, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of honey and oregano, mix well, add this to the salad and stir. Serve the salad on the plate, placed above cheese cubes, few drops of olive oil and oregano to decorate.

As you can see there dinners for Cheeselover you simple that anyone can do and get Let's suck our fingers! Así que ya sabes, If you enjoy cheese at all hours, do not hesitate to discover this new way to enjoy with Quescrem and proposals cheese or Ideal Iron 0% fat fit beautifully healthy and rich dinners.