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In summer we have more free time and we spend more time with friends, ¿We encourage ourselves to some fun board games? We show you some of the latest games, perfect to ensure fun on an afternoon at the beach or pool

¡Summer is just around the corner! With temperatures that bring us closer to the time of towel and swimsuit, preparations for the summer months also begin. A fundamental part is having a way to spend afternoons at the beach or pool in the most entertaining way with family and friends.. And what better than easy to transport board games, simple, and have a pinch of innovation.

If you want to surprise and spend hours of sun and water full of laughter, book these games for the summer

juegos de mesa

Bananagrams: A game so fast and fun that games often end before you have been able to put all your letters. Using a selection of 114 letter tiles, each player will work independently to create their own “crossword” faster than his opponents.

When there are fewer tiles left in the pile than the number of participants in the game, the first person who manages to put all their letters forming crosswords will shout «¡banana!», will win the game and be proclaimed as ¡the big banana!

juegos de mesa

Jungle Speed Beach: ¡The beach version of a classic! The objective of the table games is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible..  Para ello, players reveal a card from their supply and place it in front of them, in turns and clockwise.

Then they cover it in the next turn with another card, thus forming your discard pile. When 2 players have uncovered a card with identical symbols (color doesn't matter), a duel will take place: The first of the two to catch the Totem will win the duel.. The loser takes their opponent's discard deck., your discards and the pot (if there were), and he will put them face down in his reserve. The first player to do so will be the winner..

juegos de mesa

Dobble Waterproof: Summer version of the famous card game, Now with a new design that will allow you to prolong the hours of fun at the beach or in the pool thanks to its water-resistant cards and its transport bag. Dobble is a game with more than 50 symbols and only one identical symbol between each card. ¿you will be able to find out?

Find the identical symbol on two cards, say it out loud and take or leave a card, according to the rules of the minigame you are playing. Speed, observation and reflexes. ¡Chain all the mini-games in a crazy environment!

juegos de mesa

Throw Throw Burrito: One of the board games totally unlike any other you have played before.

A combination of card game and dodgeball where players go head-to-head while drawing cards, they earn points and throw burritos at each other. As fun as it is innovative.