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Are there as such looks for lazy men? Oh yeah! And I'm, not only propose them, but also to defend.

Some days the only thing you do is apetecería kibble and stay in bed all day procastinando, but any "fastidious" theme - I call it work commitment, social or family – we have to go out, this field hostile and uncomfortable in which as a rule must you wearing. So I thought to write about some ideas to get dressed when you're lazy but you have to go "cohones" somewhere… And without falling into the most basic core of the world as it is the combination and cowboy shirt / white shirt! that guy, It must be noted that this is a blog moda and the "uniform"It is more seen above the TBO.

"You never have enough time to do all the nothing you want" – Bill Watterson

And who better than me to speak of these looks for lazy men? A lazy man looks for lazy writing about men. This is very close to investigative journalism, del cinema verité, del docu-reality. Os hablo desde la experience ya que la vagancia es uno de mis pilares vitales, and it shows in my style, as you see I always try to be urban but comfortable (and I come in handy this bassinet to put the link to my section styling: Estilo Diario).

No matter how we approach described by the term SAR. Either in its 1st partiality "Negligence,lack of desire or willingness to do things"Or its 2nd" neglect or delay in action”, we have to take off his pajamas and find a look to pass the drink. So here are these 4 proposals that matched almost all kinds of man: (And if you do not like do not complain, I'm doing the dirty work)

I do not want to go to work, But that's what there is

These looks for lazy men depend very much on your post. In these cases always I say: Uniforms benditos! Saving you thinking about anything and spoil your ropica to get Monkey. But if you have the ineffable lucky to be a sexy uniform machote - and this bag can put the sexy teller of the market or the executive dressed sexy - and you have "be creative yet formal"Maybe it's easy to combine and use comodicos platitudes both the sight and the feeling that transmit.

For the SIMPLY upper part can choose a plaid shirt (Younger they will give a touch more posh and larger a touch more rock). You know best? You can buy it in various colors – and if possible Holgueras to keep thinking in our pajamas missed - and you list all season. Some slacks, chinos or jeans in a basic bottom and top end can slip on sneakers (slip) – easier to put impossible – or loafers – If you are more preppy. For the polar cold, trick, There biker boots with hidden zippers Tying shoelaces is tedious and tiring!

I do not want to go for a walk with my partner, But that's what there is

En este caso, we can relax a little tune with a T-shirt basic colors or small prints, relaxed jeans and Converse. ¡Vale, here you have to tie shoelaces… but perhaps lucky, if you're good, YOU do not have to untie! (WINK, WINK). DEFINITELY shake with a glasses Sun, with dark crystals, lest they see some of the looks of laziness loose from time to time. And remember, if you really want, forgive you go uncombed. Eso sí, You think you can drop a photo to Instagram from "happy couple" anytime, so avoid the red tones that do not give nearly Likes. You're welcome.

I do not want to go to family reunion, But that's what there is

Here is harder hit, porque You have to look raring see them. But there is a simple solution for these looks great for lazy men: Get the last thing you have given them. It not even needs that combine well, to recognize that it is your gift, they will be satisfied. Además, If the meeting is at home with close family, you can take your slippers in a backpack and, appealing to familiarity, colocártelas upon arrival.

I do not want to go clubbing, But that's what there is

Si, Even if it looks like a lie, there are people who, sometimes, You prefer to leave their comfort zone on the couch and going out ... and what's worse They want to drag you with them! If you have to make several commitments suddenly you encounter a tricky moment between wanting and wanting wanting: You want to go spectacular - as you will - but do not want to dress. What do we do now? Uses the basic, never fail, no-brainer and we all have something in the closet. A black pants, is of the tissue that is, to save us all! If you would like to excel - and do not give lazy to call a little attention - all you have to do is put yourself something unexpected - for example that hat you bought through coña but everyone tells you that gives you rollazo.

PD: Y por cierto, If someone tells you that looks tiny little basic or personal you answer that you're a fan of the trend Normcore and ready.