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The arrival of high temperatures brings with it one of the most important decisions of the year: What vacation destination to choose? If you are looking for the best solution to disconnect and recharge your batteries away from the routine of the city, perhaps it is best to give priority to anti-stress plans. the quiet, at least, allocate part of your days off to appease the stress accumulated during the year.

Get into nature, enjoying a stay at a different spa or making a getaway to the interior of the peninsula can help you take a break and reconnect with your interior. Below I share with you a selection of proposals that you should value this year.

Take the opportunity to visit a Hammam in Granada

You have probably already considered the possibility of going to a spa to escape stress. Pero, why not take advantage of the summer holidays to go to something different? In Granada you can access a experience unique from the Hammam Al Ándalus, located at the gates of the Alhambra in Granada. These baths of Arab origin were closed around the 16th century. Currently it is possible to access them and make a trip in the most special time.

planes antiestrés
Hammam Al Andalus in Granada

Además, in the same city you have another quite original alternative: The first beer spa in the country. ¿Qué te parece? You can also rate these Buscounchollo spa deals.

Meet the first Starlight Reserve in the world

The island of La Palma has become the first Starlight Reserve in the world. It is a distinction granted by UNESCO. The winners are those geographical environments that offer a privileged view of the night sky and that are committed to sustainable production systems. Spending a few days touring the natural landscapes of this fantastic island and looking at the stars from its beaches can be, sin duda, one of the best summer anti-stress plans.

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Starlight Reserve of La Palma de Gran Canaria

Abandoned towns in the interior of the peninsula

Our country has some of the most beautiful uninhabited regions of the European continent. The towns that are in the interior of the peninsula are practically empty due to a process of exodus continued over time. Esco, Tiermas or Ruesta are clear examples of this.

They were abandoned around the decade of 1960 after undergoing an expropriation process that began the construction of the Yesa reservoir. A part of Tiermas has even disappeared under its waters. Visiting these towns provides a unique experience where intimacy, introspection and peace are assured.

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Natural spa of Tiermas

Anti-stress plans based on Ecotourism

Renting a cabin in the middle of nature is one of the anti-stress plans and a fantastic option to disconnect from the hectic pace of life in big cities. Around the entire country it is possible to find tourist and residential complexes that are based on the principles of ecological tourism.. Sustainability joins healthy environments and away from pollution.

Además, in many cases without giving up any of the comforts that we can find in the city. It is increasingly common to find highly luxurious cabins integrated into protected environments and that have ecological spas, suites with private bath or advanced home automation systems. As I told you the other day when we were talking about Glamping.