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¿What do you want with this sun and this good weather that is already breathed during the days of March? Surely you are thinking of terrace, cervecita, tapeo, travel, outings with friends… Y, Besides that, I always look forward, We also want to put in a box winter clothes and drive out the spring – verano.

light and warm colors take over our style leaving aside the dark colors both save us when it's cold, boots give way to shoes and trainers and sweaters lana they stay at the bottom of the drawer, being replaced by short-sleeved shirts and jackets entretiempo.

Pero, como todo, the changes of seasons also have their part “less good”, sin duda, It is the season in which tu can go with three jackets, the next in short sleeves and in front of bermuda.

To get your wardrobe ready for any temperature and whatever your plan, I'll leave a selection of four great items that you will come to combine with countless looks. If you like, All are available on the website of Zalando, and here you have a discount of 12% for sections of fashion and men's footwear of this web.

Jeans ripped clear and baggy

For those hot days where you feel like going cool, This style jeans will come great. The strength of jeans is that you can combined with what you want, without thinking much. Easy, fast and comfortable, ¿who gives more?

A light-colored bomber

Sin duda, The Bombers are the star jacket season. You can find them in every style you can imagine, but at least you should have one at some basic color, to combine it with other clothes most striking prints.

¿And why not a very light pink like this one that I show you? If you are part of that sector of men who have dared to kick stereotypes and were dressed in pink clothes, It is an option that will succeed this spring.

A backpack to put everything you need

You may not have thought about this detail, but spring always carry more things up than in any season, and only with the sweatshirt if it's cold and pack Kleenex if you develop symptoms of allergy, In addition mobile, wallet, House keys, car keys, some gum… Admittedly, sometimes trouser pockets are not that big of a deal..

Por eso, I recommend you have in your closet a nice backpack, with roll and is easily combinable with any outfit, así, those days when you see your pockets to bursting, You can hang your backpack with all your stuff back and win in comfort.

Sneakers clear and ttranspirables

And if we want to have something cool in hot weather, are the feet. Por eso, They could not miss this spring clothes man and I recommend you choose sneakers that are a fabric, so they transpire more than if they are plastic, and if they are in light colors the better. ¿What do you think of these Nike and Tommy Hilfiger? They are also available at Zalando.