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What can we do, as individual consumers, so that our pleasure in fashion does not affect the environment as much?

It's not just for celebrating Earth Day (which is given every year on 22 de abril) o el World Environment Day (what is he 5 de junio), this post claims raise awareness about the footprint that humans leave in nature. And you have to try to reduce! I have prepared these five tips and ideas that we can consider in the world of moda ecology (both those who perform and those who consume).

1. Avoid crazy consumerism

Produce more account is one of the worst forms there of mistreating the planet. That goes from the creation of these garments by brands, Even your own closet! We must change the chip and be able to make the most of our clothes and not spend without rhyme or reason.

For it can help us planning our purchases - for not buying like crazy - and the use of second-hand clothes: which will help us to extend the life of some garments avoiding the need to acquire - and produce - new .

2. Choose aware brands

Let's get well informed about the moda and the brands we consume. Where they come, where they go and what their philosophy. We are living in a time when hundreds of brands put environmental awareness in their lifestyle and make products for it, Let's give support! There are specialized brands from small to large corporations who make or collections actions that reinforce that identity. The fashion fight for ecology is unstoppable.

3. materials, tissues and billing

Knowing what we buy - and reading labels – we can appreciate how it has come to produce the garment and environmental requirements which required. Es por eso que selecting either the materials, tejidos, colors or places of origin will also helping to leave a shallow mark on the environment. Aggressive dyes,  fabrics made cruelly, making garments in countries where ecology is not a core value ... be aware of all this we make better choices.

4. Watch your laundry

Sin duda, one of the ecological precepts we have at hand is that of the rational use of electricity and water. And believe it or not it is also closely linked to the world of fashion for ecology .

Put washing machines only when needed, worry that is the full drum and choose the model more energy saving and water between the different forms of washing. Good management of our laundry will help reduce the planet's resources.

5. Rate online purchase

Online shopping has been a new form of consumption in everyone's mind: Simple, practice and "fast". But brings with it some associated problems directly affecting ecology. Multiplying creating containers (mostly plastic) and air shipments, sea ​​or land (with consequent emissions harmful to the environment) It requires us to think a little more time consuming online. Why ask if we can go online at a time to shop for it?

When buying clothes not only think about your style, Think of the planet!

Moda por la ecología

Cover photo: Alba Asenjo.