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5 male beauty tips that all men have to keep in mind to improve our routine a little care.

Primero que todo, My hair is real, I have to admit I'm not an expert on male beauty, but I like to disclose things about moda, beauty and lifestyle I learn – or I go chivando. And I've seen necessary perform this article to continue making visible the need for men also have our beauty care.

This article is a general approach, with the clear intention to make you more powerful a little under quel slogan of "knowledge is power«, but if you want to become a superhero male beauty, I want to recommend the blog of Arhur great Gil EDGES, The Adonis lab, specializing in male aesthetics and who really controls the subject.

But first, Let's Get

We're different, it is a fact. Do we do something to make that difference does not become a problem?. “Tand as we know the, men's skin is different from women, and therefore their care must also be different. not worth that of 'le lame cream and my girl is what I use'. We are talking about an epidermis which is approximately 30% Thicker, having a 20% Corneal more layers and a higher collagen content, the fibers are formed into a network signature”, Paz points Torralba, Director of the Centers The Beauty Concept.

5 male beauty tips

Carpe the Night

It is very important to a suitable break between 7 y 8 daily and have made a light dinner hours last night help you have a much healthier skin morning. To that, We can add nourish the skin at night because it is among the 2 y las 4 AM when the regeneration process occurs more potent skin. Si, por ejemplo, we applied a cream or a serum before bed, They will be acting on the skin in this interval.

Rise to Power

Wash your face with cold water nothing rise. Something as simple as this gesture help you have a healthy and glowing skin. Además, help decongest puffiness and dark circles. Además, It is important not to forget a good moisturizer every morning because the skin needs to be hydrated during the day and is subject to all kinds of
aggression (air conditioner, heating, pollution, etc).

of extra: Por favor, during the men's care, Décolletage not forget because they are ignored and where large before the passage of the years manifested.

Use specific products

As we mentioned earlier, nothing to steal your girlfriend cream, mother, housemate or neighbor of the fifth. Man using specific products during the men's grooming is important because men's skin is different from women and need other active ingredients.

Tip extra: In summer do not forget to keep in the fridge because in addition to better preserve the active ingredients, They act more effectively on the skin of the face.

All in due time

There are steps in the men's care. Here and I gave you, video, 5 men's grooming tips, in which you indicated for example, dosing our rations perfect male beauty to end the week without taking a long time.

But it is true that there are some things to do before others. This led doing wrong, LIFETIME. Y es que it is best to shave beard after the shower because we collaborate with hot water to open pores and soften hair, preventing irritation in this area.

Bets on natural

True, this is not inherently male council. But in our case, Importantly as natural products also bring you closer to that feeling of not only being, but membership, It is nature itself that is helping you to get handsome! (And nature wants us all alike ;-)

Why should we bet on natural cosmetics?. Joaquín Pinar, responsible in Spain of the Swiss company Wherteimar, in the five reasons inexcusable. 1. Do not affect the health of the skin and not cause allergies; 2. They are rich in minerals, nutrients and trace elements; 3. They have their own color and natural fragrance; 4. Committed to caring for our environment and 5. They are not tested on animals.

And ready!