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In this video I will tell 5 tips for male care more comfortable and to get a point at home in no time.

You know I love giving me advice - some that I meet best and others who do not follow the letter but I try to help. En este caso, Carrefour and Babyliss have wanted to count on me - and they call me "Our expert in men's beauty and grooming" and everything, that I blush – to record a video for your channel youtube and being able to offer five very simple tips And therefore effective! to get ready at home and improve your masculine grooming!. Here you can see the complete video and below I add a summary with the essential points:

  1. Think it's YOUR MOMENT: You should not think of your male grooming as a nuisance.! It is the moment to enjoy relaxation.
  2. Always use the best products and materials: Remember that since you wear, let it be with the best. So do not skimp on beauty products that adapt to your needs and on specific instruments for each need..
  3. Divide and conquer: Dedicate each day to an area so that throughout the week the cycle is completed.
  4. Take care of each part as it deserves: Many times for convenience we forget that each part of the body requires different attention. The skin of the body differs from that of the face, hair requires special attention different from that of the beard
  5. Clean, fixed and gives splendor: I have used this famous motto to remind you of the process to follow in any male beauty routine. First clean the area to be treated to lay the foundations. In second place, fixed, and by that I mean to keep it healthy by counteracting its deficiencies. And finally gives splendor, es decir, take one more step and improve conditions.
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