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A proposal for essential items to meet this summer.

This year I decided to propose a series of articles based on a mix of comfortable, la tendencia y lo que creo que es más molón para definir un styling to become a must for this time. In reality my intention is to highlight various parts, either together or separately, can form your wardrobe - Always allowing some quirk also – para este verano 2015, in this case starting with signature Spirit.

I want you to think globally and how, individually, they can play with your clothes and residents in the closet and save you over styling. I hope you like them!

For woman

Mujer Esprit Verano 2015

  1. Cowboy Maxivestido: Always we associate the maxivestidos as very hippie or very fixed, I liked this cowboy and simple. 69,99€.
  2. Metallic sandals: Este año, the contrast is the basis of all stripes, these simple sandals are combined with gold to get a great mix. 29,99€.
  3. Blazer de smoking: Summer nights are to be enjoyed butt, and nothing better to give a glamorous touch to your look with this blazer based on the cut smokin I epero shorter. 99,99€.
  4. Ethnic skirt: The ethnic style with us for some time now but this summer is still strong in our closet. This skirt with ethnic but sophisticated touch can be with you day and night. 59,99€.
  5. Semi-transparent shirt: A wide and with sheer fabric shirt, in this case providing a vital and cheerful color for summer. Maybe in this way it is that it is versatile to position it to your liking, with sleeves rolled up roughly, neckline with m ore or less open, etc… 39,99€.

For men

Hombre Esprit Verano 2015

  1. Straw hat: A good hat encourages any look and above all protected from the sun! 39,99€.
  2. Camisa Maxi Vichy: I do not know why but this summer I can not shake of the head the large-scale paintings Vichi. I love. 29,99€.
  3. Bañador Tie Dye: I love this effect wet bathing suit with gradients of blue. Even a touch of style to soak. 39,99€.
  4. Dark sweatshirt: Perfect for those summer nights refreshing seaside, cotton sweatshirt is always good decision. 49,99€.
  5. Slip on blanco: Slip on shoes are an indispensable asset in summer, and white is the color of this station par excellence, eso sí, sólo apto para chicos cuidadosos o que no les importe mostrar su personalidad con alguna que otra mancha. 69,99€.