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Finding minimalist lamps that are not boring is almost an odyssey. Here I show you 5 examples of the P.I.B brand that have won me over.

When we think of minimalism, sometimes spaces that, although beautiful, they can be somewhat bland. It is a decorative style that I love but that is difficult to accept, either because of the need to find more space at home where to "clear” elements (when you need more storage space you have to put more furniture yes or yes) or it is because it ends up looking a bit boring to me. Today we are talking about minimalist lamps that will avoid that boring effect.

That is why when the friends of START They told me about some of their ceiling lamps I couldn't contain myself, since I think they perfectly combine the simple concept with something a little different. These are the 5 minimalist lamps but with an original touch What have I liked the most?:

Hanging lamp Balissö

The Scandinavian touch of this lamp makes it perfect for both sober bedrooms as well as for spaces where simplicity is important like the kitchen, the hallway or the home office.

Black pendant lamp Këpsta

Color is one of the best ways that minimalism has to play with spaces. That is why I found this black lamp with an orange interior so interesting. With vintage references thanks to its shape and shine it will be a point of attention in simple rooms without leaving the trend.

Big gold hanger Oohalt

If we think of minimalism we should think of "the closest to nothing"” that we can get. And this is the idea behind this lamp that leaving the light bulb in the air has an original touch playing with the visual effect generated by the golden circle that surrounds it.

Hand lamp industrial

If in addition to minimalism you like the industrial style, this lamp perfectly unites the two worlds. ¿It would have ever occurred to you to use a lamp like the ones used in work spaces to illuminate your house? The friends of P.I.B show us that it can be this good and interesting.

Glass pendant lamp Sweet Bell

Although it is a little “less minimalist” than the others, yes I think he drinks from that inspiration where simplicity makes rooms very interesting. That is why I liked this bell-shaped glass lamp that will give a sophisticated touch but without being eccentric to any room.