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With only 5 elements can create a basic wardrobe prepared to withstand the winter. ¡Do not miss these clothes you need in winter!

The basic wardrobe is a subject much less treated his female namesake. ¡But it is also very important!  Today we have a bestial facility to buy men's clothing online, pero ¿we are clear about what is essential for each season? In this post I want to highlight 5 you need clothes in winter, and it doesn't matter what this is, next or next… ¡It also doesn't matter if you have 20, 30 o 40 años! You will only have to adapt the preda to your style.

Remember this list and keep your wardrobe always ready for winter day-to-day:

a good parka, all encompassing

An ideal coat that fits with everything. Allows you to put it daily or on more special days,es ¡or it can even fit well with a tracksuit!  a good parka, in any of the ranges of green, brown or beige that appear, it can be an element that saves you every winter. This of Polynesia It seems to me a basic option and quite adaptable to include it in this list of clothes that you need in winter.

black jumper, ¡high neck a plus!

«¡I do not know what to wear!  It is done, the black and knit sweater«. This situation can be repeated much more often than you think. It's an essential basic to have a black jersey ready for action at any time. If it is also high neck, not only manages you and gives you a chic touch, but it saves you from taking a scarf and carrying more accessories.

Camisa de cuadros

Among the clothes you need in winter you can not miss a plaid shirt. Buttoned up it can look formal; unbuttoned and with a more casual shirt underneath. Además, if you find the indicated squares and colors, it can become a very fun hallmark. I advise the pictures a little bigger, that tend to spend less than moda and remain iconic instead of temporary.

Vaqueros «de invierno»

Si, amigos, there are winter and summer jeans. ¡Surprise! They look like a lot except for the toughness of their denim. We already know that they are one of the fundamental garments of any wardrobe, pero you have to learn to change jeans depending on the season if we do not want to have cold legs or roasted heat. Además, hand on heart, the whole allegory of broken ends, short bottoms, etc, better leave it for the summer.

Leather boots to stomp

Por supuesto, footwear is essential in our day to day. Por favor, organize yourselves to spend a little more and get quality footwear especially for moments of great cold or heat. In this case, the style will depend on your specific needs., but I would tell you to bet on some neutral and simple ones because of their versatility. Here, for example, you can see a website that gives ideas of how to match bootsin case they lack ideas.

Y por cierto, ¡don't forget to also take care of your skin during the winter! Especially the face and hands. In this article I will also tell youhow to protect our skin from the cold (mini-interview Joaquin Pinar).