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I present 5 websites that are essential to organize yourself when you want to travel (and by the way find the best prices).

¿you are planning a vacation? ¡what good news! Traveling is one of the best experiences you can have. Sin embargo, organizar un viaje puede ser un poco abrumador. ¿where to go? ¿how long to spend there? ¿To do? ¿where to stay? ¿How to get there? There are many things that I cannot help you with., because they depend on following your pleasure to resort to one or another destination when organizing your trip.

But surely I can help you organize it in a more comfortable way.moda. In this article you will find useful information on how to organize a trip through 5 websites that are essential to organize yourself and at the same time to find the best offers.

Organize your trip with a few clicks…

organize your trip
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¡Read on to organize the trip of your dreams!

  1. TripAdvisor: The first place to visit to discover the best of the area or country you want to visit. She will find information on everything related to the trip, from routes, hotels, monuments, restaurants…. "Be lost” through the pages of TripAdvisor is essential to create a mental map of the trip and to begin to assess where, how and when to go. In addition, your real opinions of travelers make your information much more alive., up close and personal.
  2. Skyscanner: Once you have decided on the destination and you are ready to travel, I recommend that the best thing you can do is start looking for the flight., to square the dates as best as possible. On this website you can cross-search airports and airlines to find the route that best suits your needs.. But also, if you have doubts when deciding and the flight offers can help you decide, on the Skyscanner page itself you can search for “flights with no destination” to offer you the cheapest and most interesting routes.
  3. In the parks: Once we have our flight, ¡we have to go to the airport! ¿And where do we leave the car when we go on a trip?? for this you can help usParkos.es, a car park price comparator that will show you different options to park your car during your trip.
  4. Trivago: We already have the flight and the car arranged, ¡now we have to choose a hotel! If you do not decide to opt for options like Airbnb, The best thing is to use the Trivago website where you can compare both different hotels in the area you are going to, like the different prices that the same hotel offers to the different travel websites to always find the best and cheapest price per night.
  5. of the State: Y por último, once you have the flight and hotel…. ¿what are you going to do while you spend time in the destination you have chosen? I recommend the Civitatis website, where can you find one serie of activities, ideas, routes or leisure proposals, culture or entertainment. They range from the typical proposals for tickets to the most emblematic moments of each place to more original or surprising ideas that will make you travel and discover new plans in a surprising way.

Organizar un viaje puede ser una experiencia muy gratificante. If you plan carefully, you can save a lot of money and avoid a lot of trouble. Remember to research your destiny, make a budget and reserve everything, Yes you can, in advance. If you follow these tips, your trip will be a success. Y ahora, ¡to enjoy!

organize your trip
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