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Simple illustrations to discover 6 ways to wear a scarf to practice!

I liked many these simple illustrations by "The Gentleman" for offer some ideas and 6 ways to wear a scarf. These are the most common forms, and sure many will watch them sound kind of sartorial blog, because it comes directly from the street. You can see these pictures with model crossing each.

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What is your favorite way?

Remember, eso si, it is important to combine all the elements of your styling in your favor. If you are cold, uses scarf for warmth, not to look… And above all Also consider the type of styling and tissue both your top as the supplement itself. Not all scarves are suitable for all junctions. But ideas and you have, and remember, Information is power!


And just in case you seem few six… (or you have doubts about how some crossover is) I leave you this video where you can see not only 6 ways to wear a scarf Sino 7! Take that!