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An “open” sandal with a false wedge mixed with a heel that takes away meaning. »90 Degrees Space» by United Nude.

PVP 420 EUROS 90-degree-space-taupe-out

You already know about my predilection for the United Nude firm and its innovative designs, architectural avant-garde and almost impossible ... when I received information about this “al ire” high-heeled sandal, I couldn't help but be surprised .

Since 10 años, los zapatos United Nude would mark a before and after in the world of footwear, always inspired by art and architecture and with great quality. Este año, por primera vez, have decided to create a line that combines their most surprising designs and spectacular which they have baptized as United Nude Ultra. PVP: 420€.

PVP 420 EUROS 90-degree-space-black-out

As part of the collection of present 90 Degrees Space de United Nude, some surprising sandals in which her impressive heel of 90 degrees made with carbon fiber. Its minimalist design gives a magical effect to the foot, thanks to which the heel seems to grip only on a thin line.

In these sFuturistic sandals have combined surprising materials like the carbon fiber of your heel, the wood and rubber of the sole, or the padded skin of his last.

Which one do you like the most?

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