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The Alvarno woman parading on sky Madrid, rise to Manolos, and among shards of glass.

Una experience de lujo es lo que viví hace un par de semanas en Madrid. My first big parade live, in the sky of Madrid, y viendo a unos de los grandes de la moda Spanish. I confess that the first out or was able to analyze them I was freaking out, the views, la música, them up close and experience firsthand something he had seen dozens of times in graphics. But as I began to discover the designs one can only tip my hat to the great Alvaro and Arnaud. A unique and unparalleled experience shows that It is important not only good design, if the location and the feeling is what defines true luxury. Congratulations Alvarno!

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About the collection

Alvarno proposes its Autumn-Winter 2013/2014 glowing with the Light of the Spirit Madrid and Paris. Master volume, a ready-to-couture silhouettes recital signed with strict military-style coats and jackets. Technological fabrics with futuristic soul, brocades and silks ethereal bicolor, mix with softened wool cloths sconces broadtail, fox and mink. Los vestidos, con subtle draping and transparencies, define harmonic feminine silhouette. The textures are mixed and sprinkle with applications moon stones and metal fringe effect radiating light flashes.

Firm steps on the legendary hall of Manolo Blahnik, set the pace of the march of sophistication. Structural metal belts reinforce the torso woman, and they act as an accolade gem that defines its forms. Combination of blue and black enigma, hypnotic silver and gold, red and pure white. Strong colors for a new rotunda season, full of hope.