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Three digital models star in the new campaign Balmain. I reflect on the suitability (o no) of that decision.

A few days ago the Balmain brand, led by Olivier Rousteing, He presented its new campaign. This happens (minimum) a couple of times a year in each brand would have the biggest stir. What has made this campaign cope headlines not only in specialized media moda? It is the first counts as players with digital models! Si, as is, the new members of the "Balmain Army" (the manner of calling and models that are part of the brand imaging equipment) women are not "real". Literally. They are made by computer.

Their names are Margot, Shudu and Zhi and according the website of the brandall are welcome to join the growing range of Balmain Army; only they need to share our fearless spirit of adventure, as do our new virtual icons that reflect beauty, rock style and safety”. Es decir, to form part of the brand does not need to be real, to be rocking and it.

I consider a new great way to get attention, propose something new, play with the limits of reality and of course to bet on something new, but I think it should be more like fireworks that "the future of fashion".

We appreciate the effort of creativity and realization of the campaign, orchestrated by photographer James Cameron-Wilson, these models that could pass for real (with a little photoshop – which it is also common in campaigns), but although the publication of Instagram Balmain has almost 40.000 likes not all comments are positive. Entre ellos destacan «no They can compete with the essence of a real woman«, «It is a sign that they do not want to pay real models» o «to sell him clothes to virtual models because I'm not buying it is.

¿Qué es lo mejor (And the worst) to have virtual models?

Let's start with the positives, If you want to Oliver (or another brand that hires). They could fly! Naomi Campbell is the most wonderful being on earth, but does not fly. Minidot equipment for dolls online.

But out of jokes, I would like to focus on the good counterattacking I see them. Create models able to create an even more false image, cold, distant and frivolous fashion itself, and even the brand with them.

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A brand that saw real women (albeit a limited concept and know where I positioned against because we all are real) but directly dress made ad hoc models can not pretend to empathize with consumers. While it is true that the perfect and real models, like all those that make up the Balmain Army are difficult to emulate, They do have stories to tell, past, present and future, curves (más o menos, according), imperfections and especially essence. Can you empathize like a Sim with Cindy Crawford? To Cindy Crawford you leave her without stairs in a pool until I die? If you already played with enthusiasm in campaigns and fashion editorials, virtual models are able to take it to the nth degree.

The trabajazo to create these virtual models.

Regardless of what poses to brands, the work that lies behind the creation of these models is amazing. Look you in detail hair and other! You could say that is a digital prodigy, image not only because its design and creation is complicated, programming but also to give it the greatest possible reality. Just have to see videos like this that appears on your Instagram.


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@oscardelarenta #jewelry . . Amazing earrings 3D work by fellow artist @dejidigital . #daz3d #3dart #blackfrodolls

A shared publishing Shudu (@ Shudu.gram) el

En esta ocasión, Balmain campaign and the inclusion of these three "girls" in the Balmain Army have been made by the company 3D, Clo3D. We must give value to this brutal job creation. To Caesar what is Caesar's. To complement máscredibilidad, they wanted to give them their own personality – creándole cuentas de Instagram donde muestran «sus trabajos». One of them, Shudu, It calls itself The World’s First Digital Supermodel.

Time will tell whether this is in specific elements or manage to break into the fashion world.