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A tendency to adapt your simple style can make you have a lookazo

I recognize that my comfortable and easy style often forgets trends and goes to clichés, but in this case I wanted realizar un styling que siga bebiendo de esa comodidad pero se enfoque dentro de una “temática” como es el estilo Boho Chic, one of the ones I like to watch, both street style and catwalk and always epatan me and I would like to replicate.

With a simple white shirt and torn jeans base comprises, then gradually add interesting details and give the bohemian look how are you unique and custom handmade bracelets Verajoya made with faceted stones onyx and agate tiger eye with between pieces of silver they have that bohemian point. Además, llevo unas glasses de sol con patillas de madera y un discreto print “animal” de la pequeña empresa Moscow Negra which it is in its infancy.

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Además, on this occasion, I wanted to try on my own feet a model company that makes men's shoes that provide centimeters more to help smaller kids. The difference of this type of shoe over other is Wedge light inside them, so you will notice a change in height. At the same time, with these shoes not others will not notice anything.

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I wanted to try and comfort especially if they provide that "discreet height". The truth is that comfort is assured and these, in this model, 6 centimeters hidden hike, They help you feel more powerful and imperceptibly for others. I went with them to an event in Granada and nobody noticed such centimeters more. Así que not only they deliver what they promise, they also provide the solution to many men with a little complex. In my case it was more for fun than necessity and testing - you know I'm not particularly short - but now I understand this perfectly good resource for many men who value and need.

Zapatillas: / Cowboy: Dsquared2 / Camisa: Zara / Gafas de Sol: Moscow Negra / Bracelets: Verajoya

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And if you want to enjoy 10 € off your shoes what you can get by scanning this QR code. ¡Al ataque!

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