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Between massage and caress, "The Arto touch" becomes a wellness treatment to renew completely.

En plena semana de la moda from Madrid, and to clear my head a little of both bustle of parades, pude disfrutar gracias a la plataforma Blissbooker de el famoso tratamiento de bienestar “El Arte del Tacto” ofrecido por Clarins en Le Max Wellness Club del Hotel Wellington.

About The Art of Touch

The Art of Touch is the relaxing treatment of Clarins Le Max catches the attention of industry experts and public eager for new sensations of relaxation. It combines the quintessence and the importance of technical and Clarins products, a full menu rebalancing face and body. Conducted in three stages dedicated to energy tactile techniques to relax, revitalize and regenerate from head to toe.

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For an hour and a half the full body massage while applying specialized products to moisturize, enhance and relax your feetl. The mind through the environment, peace and music; muscles through massage and pressure; and by skin lotions and creams. A feeling of complete!

According to this post Jared Beauty explaining the treatment to perfection "Aestheticians apply the products by and light controlled pressures. In the body these pressures are perceived as light touch so immersive sensory"And defines perfectly what it feels like with this treatment. Between massage and caress, the body enters a state of total relaxation detensioning every muscle and getting a sense of comfort that had long not felt.

"No tool or machine has so many perceptive possibilities, forms of expression or skills as the human hand. It is the instrument that allows humans to build the world " – Dominique Rist. International Development Director of Treatment and Training

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