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Exposición: «VIST: Haute Couture to Art ". This exhibition documents the evolution of women during the nineteenth, XX and XXI, passing of the great ladies corseted to the current wardrobe.

The Council of Ibiza has, within the framework of the events of this Adlib season Moda Ibiza, The exhibition “VIST: From Haute Couture to Art” It is showing first on the island of Ibiza pieces of major international designers XIX centuries, XX and XXI.

  • Where: Ibiza Fairground
  • When: Del 11 May to 10 de junio,
  • Schedule: De 11.00 hours 14.00 hours and 18.00 hours 21.30 horas.

This sample, que He has already traveled some points of the Spanish geography, It has more than fifty couture pieces that have been made from 1870 to the present. Including several designs Worth, the first artist who signed his works in the late nineteenth century; Cristobal Balenciaga, considered the architect of fashion; Coco Chanel sobriety represented by three pieces, including a black short dress, which it is one of the badges of the firm; The New Look of Christian Dior with a model of the era of psychedelia or more actual creator as Armani, contrasting with its minimalist style. Ferdinand Saaverdra, exhibition curator explained that “This exhibition will give a real walk through the history of fashion and discover how were born the great designers of haute couture”.

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"This show serves to document the change of women in this period, you going from the great ladies corseted, they needed help from a maid to dress the modern woman whose wardrobe must have the best look possible with a simple change of accessories ", Explain.

Además, on this occasion, It has a space Moda Adlib Ibiza honors white dresses and suits from various designers. Marta Diaz,  second vice president ofCouncil Ibiza, has pointed out that for Adlib Moda Ibiza this appointment “It is a source of inspiration for our designers and fashion Adlib, because it will allow further enrich their creations”. ¡And it is completed with photographic material, audiovisual and even virtual «offer visitors a experience that will allow them to discover in first person the transformation of fashion over the years”.

Exposición Vísteme