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Various tricks also around us in the world of fashion Want to know the latest?

No, I will not talk about the very famous handbags from last season. Este post esta dedicado a la “claridad o la oscuridad” dentro del mundo de la moda, and certain tricks that have recently jumped "the candlestick"; from "corruption" to crazy ideas... A compendium of examples that show us that there are envelopes in the fashion world and that everything is not as glamorous as we. These stories remind us that "you will see things, friend Sancho ... " and fashion, and management, You can always continue to surprise.

Want to look like a big blogger? ¡Auto regálate!

Perhaps the news that surprised me. When you have a fashion blog, inevitably and very "out of business" you're, illusion makes you recognize your work, your picture or even your potential ... That's cause for joy when you start to receive information from large firms, invitations to events or even certain gifts (most in return for promotion). I die of excitement every time they give me something, but never in life I had thought:

"According To "Bloggers pretend to be VIPs themselves buying gifts brands to press".

Me entero de esta noticia gracias a la interesante reflexión de Iago Dávila en su artículo “Corrupción en los blogs de moda” publicado en la revista GQ y del que os trascribo un párrafo genial y esclarecedor:

Dear fashion bloggers, […] let me clarify one thing: the essence of bribery is that one takes a benefit in exchange for giving coverage, do free advertising of a brand at the expense of spending your own money. A ver, so you understand: It is the same logic why not bring your canapes At a press event.

What is clear: It is often said that the most effective is to be Juan Palomo ... but be tontuno for this.

The dark: Does it have positive effects for them? Will they get called effect?

You want to be professional blogger? Skua!

They will not be needed hundreds of hours of dedication, formation of related (almost always self), to explore your personality to be a digital agency, exploiting his charisma and get something unique, demonstrate your work and your good work ... Now slowly, because you'll IED Madrid become a reputed fashion blog for easygoing weekend. + info.

For anything I am against training in fashion communication, upside down, I find even pursuing the Master of Communication and Fashion Management ESCO; but I believe It could have explored more the ground without falling into the "easy". Not that I believe that fashion blogger "It is born"- Would be a very Aryan thinking - if I consider to be a passion and dedication, not a mere diploma certifying - even if you can, and is to be, put in the curriculum.

Increasingly commodified more fashion blogs, y oye, that everyone does with his blog what you want; but at this point ... And with title and all! Maybe put: «Keep calm and bloggit queen gossip xoxo

What is clear: Maybe some misguided person finds his true calling and knows, thanks to them, and focus it.

The dark: Are they profiting from a personal movement?

You want clarity in the Spanish designers? ACME no

In this case the story is told by Inmaculada Urrea through the blog "Fashion passes, the mark is "within Modaes in this interesting article: ACME NS/NC in which he explains exactly how the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain is at your disposal to answer questions and When asked about the financing and where they went public funds intended for designers; Lucía Cordeiro, Executive Director of ACME, “pasalacabra” y se olvida del tema. I recommend you read it and bring forth your own conclusions, I'm surprised with the reaction.

It seems to me that in a dynamic field of fashion public support is essential, but also regulated, and measured course, fully accessible and clear - as it should be all politics and grants.

What is clear: Sectoral union but at what price it is required?

The dark: Are are filling their pockets at the expense of the public although his company does - many - water?

Want suits and ties? It takes € 20,000!

In the political section noted that, among the papers of Bárcenas, as he explains the web and Fashion Policy "Rajoy envelope B for suits and ties ", which according to El Pais, “ Mariano Rajoy would have received 20.600 B envelopes euros for "suits and ties”. Is it too much?

What is clear: If I had my stylist the currele Rajoy, It would, minimum, de Bernhard Willhelm. What would petar all!

The dark: Perhaps it has spent it all on clothes "bed" and jogging!

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