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I recently made a trip to Cuenca to hear the vineyards and winery facilities Finca Antigua. Get down a glass of wine to my health and my experience here leed!

Bodega Finca Antigua It is a company of Martinez Bujanda family located in the town of Hinojosos, in Cuenca. Is an enclave of scrubland that has 421 hectares of vineyards divided into 40 plots where varieties of grapes are grown national (viura, garnacha, tempranillo and Moscatel de Grano Menudo) and international (merlot, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot y syrah). In addition to company performance butt, It is a space that you can visit a perfect getaway offering wine tourism for the day. So it's like it was us! But I do not roll it up again and I tell…

vineyards, metal, stone and cement.

We leave in the morning from Madrid and after an entertaining trip drive we arrived at midmorning. Once there, without delay, we rode 4×4 and we rode hectares that counts the farm. We explained that in each cultivated and collected a different grape allowing control them individually and give each variety the "sweetie" what do you need.

They told us the importance of this distribution space and how important it was to keep, between plots, the land and indigenous flora of the area. Did you know that the grape is the only fruit that taste and odor varies because of what surrounds? Why it is so special about the location of the vineyards, even to have experts able to discover that a wine is wine Finca Antigua by the tastes and smells "related"That gives the environment.

After wandering around the vineyards we approached the building where the process of making wine is made. Separated into three zones (metal, stone and cement), at first the process begins to squeeze the grapes and make your juice. In this case industrially pressed and machinery, but the juices are drawn to the sheer weight of the grapes in large tanks that only occasionally removed.

Later we went through the conservation area where thanks to great "honeycombs"Bee and made wine is preserved. We were impressed by the care of aesthetics and especially the use of resources of nature to achieve optimum spaces (por ejemplo, one of the walls of the area is covered barrels entire stone, for what, in summer, by spreading, Keep the humidity in the room and can use less energy to keep cool space). Later we went to the area stores, label and distribution where we could see all the places that the winery distributes its products.

With what you get, thanks to the different plots and their wineries, a variety of wines are made in Finca Antigua, a range of livestock in a single variety (es decir, the type of grape unmixed to enjoy 100% flavor of this grape) and the two wines of coupage (es decir, mixture of different grapes) Unique Finca Antigua Crianza and Reserva Finca Antigua.

Clavis, a special mixture.

One of the most special wines from this winery, and I dare say the world, It is called Clavis. ¿Porqué? It turns out that when the family bought the farm, one of the plots that I have mentioned was planted with vines of different modalities of different grapes, Two of them even unknown!. When the winemaker in charge of Finca Antigua discovered that amalgam of flavors and properties was surprised and decided to try to make a wine mixing everything and see what came.

They got a very distinctive wine and above all inimitable, since you can not replicate the shape and growth of vines have been there quinquenniums. So much so, when a vine dies not replaced by another to preserve the natural mixture of this plot feature.

A wine tasting and food pairing to value the wine and its environment.

After all this, We turn to what they call "the big house": an old house that was on the farm before the family bought. She has been rehabilitated and become site for tastings and small shop to take the winery Finca Antigua wines. There we made a marriage where, along with wines from the winery, we could sample gastronomic specialties of local craftsmen. Along each dish we discovered like some wine flavors are enhanced with food and how, others, They find a new way to surprise the palate to play with food.

We was very surprised dessert! It also had its own wine: Finca Antigua Moscatel Naturalmente Dulce! A real danger because "went alone" and was rather rich. We were told that because of its blanket collection process succeeded in doing sweet without adding sugars.

Martinez Bujanda on the Family.

La Martinez Bujanda family It is one of the historic winemaking families of Rioja. Five wineries Martínez Bujanda make Family: Finca Valpiedra (DOCa Rioja), Finca Antigua (DO La Mancha), Finca Montepedroso (DO Rueda), Viña Bujanda (DOCa Rioja) and Cosecheros and Breeders (Wines of Castilla), all with a common denominator: producing wines from vineyards, but with the diversity and richness of very different growing areas.

I had already gone to other wineries owned by the Martinez family Bijanda, specifically it was on my way to know the D.O.Rueda where I could enjoy the wineryFinca Montepedroso where does the white wine Family. The truth is that it is amazing to see how its different spaces are based on the same family philosophy: Integrated into the environment, with the best technology, grape respect to the maximum and get their best wine.

Fotos: Finca Antigua andAlba Asenjo.