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Gordofobia and reflect on the representation of man in the world plus size fashion, both in Spain and in general.

You know I've never been a champion of the song "pluz size"Nor have I considered a champion of outsize. But it is true that, I can not deny nor do I want, I'm different in the sector in this blog moves - the moda and lifestyle –  ¿Unlike my personality, charisma or mood? Can be, But also different for my weight and height! Why not also claim it?

This weekend Brays Efe - the already named in my original interview, then you will see – Awards made in Feroz an allegation against gordofobia commenting that "We're not used to seeing fat bodies in the world cine«.

He said something that shocked me: “Carbohydrates have nothing to do with talent And that reminded me of an interview conducted me quite some time for Ana Pizarro article that talked to different male models with no regulatory bodies about fashion published in SModa. Because hydrates also have nothing to do with style!

Face reality: People think you're fat and treated as such.

Although scientific and officially become overweight and always has been easy insult me ​​saying Fat I never saw a problem with my weight. I have continued to find clothes my size in places that I can afford - I think if you want access to the luxury would have a little more complicated -, I have no health problems arising from my kilos and have positive social and emotional relationships.

That is why when Anne wrote me to ask my opinion on male referents great in the fashion sector in Spain stature among whom I had mixed feelings included. I'm not going to lie, I did not want to label it in such a group. Not by gordofobia! Not even much less! But have felt always different "en general”: my way of seeing life, Not by my flab!

It was like a bucket of cold water discover that it has such a clear and marked label, so easy to put on and it was not in my hand. Whatever you do the decision to think of yourself as fat instead of as "human" is in looking and although I feel divine for many I am "another big plus. I am realizing this I thought it was necessary to fight for greater visibility of the fat in fashion, remove chest and say, "Yes! I'm fat and what?».

What a fat has to say about the world of fashion.

About the interview

For all these reasons I loved being part of those 4 mens with no regulatory bodies, no hot rags: with a few extra pounds, que We represent different sectors of menswear in Spain

Ana made an extensive interview with each report we participated in. Because of space I could not include full so I asked permission to publish my full part with by, signs and kilos more about what a fat has to say about the world of fashion (International and Spain)

Why do you think there is so much representation of men plus size in the Spanish media?

To evaluate the issue of plus size and its impact on media, blogs, etc., I think we are faced with two lines that converge against.

On the one hand the world of fashion has traditionally looked more generally towards women, number of proposals, marcas, etc. and it is only in recent years when the male sector has achieved greater representation.

For another, claim to change the physical stereotypes has also found more progression and advancement in women's field. Although it is a shame it must be recognized that sometimes the man is always one step behind in realizing progress of society towards a new role (Edito in 2019 – just look at what happened with the announcement of Gillette).

With many issues put on the table to focus their range in any genre and until it reaches the other must elapse several years. We see it, por ejemplo, when we find the tremendous claim that the body of the models and celebrities with photoshop transform to remove volume, chest expand, etc., but nothing is said when it clearly touches are similar "scam"In the body of man, Or all those perfect abs nobody questioned to see an editorial?

I do not want to sound debater but many people put the outcry when potentiate and "sexualized"Blanca Suarez curves achacándolo to unreal beauty, sexism… but we are looking forward to seeing the ripped abs, perfect and well placed Miguel Ángel Silvestre. Hello? Is there consistency? Let them put! Here we sexualizamos or all or river Purete!

It is a silent pressure because many people flying the flag for other female models in the fashion world – and that's fetén – while for man still they continue to define standards that do not correspond to real life or, to do, They represent an effort and dedication unrealistic.

That plus the "classic" comment that "lI go out of fashion men” (Edito 2019: If you want other day we open this melon) It is difficult standardization and dissemination of other models of man. It is true that original models are in some brands, more varied factions – big noses, etc… -or even protected by the ugliness but very few towards a pudgy body.

Do you miss that man has parades in which you feel identified with plus size models as of MFSHOW?

If it has taken so long to propose parades womens curvies We must have patience to arrive Man! I definitely think that will come and that will mean a boost, especially media, but unfortunately I do not think they change the way of thinking of the masses. Claim must go beyond visibility trying to change not only the form, but also the bottom of that "we are all people and we must respect each other about how we are«.

As an example we find the concept or gordibuenas fofisanos so fashionable that was a while ago. What was? It is trying to normalize a situation that benefited another model of male or female but was in an anecdote, And even a joke! It was shown trying to make subgenres in plus size: a fat / as, the controladitos, yes we can throw us and others do not.

Even so, a parade for me is an aesthetic proposal that goes beyond whether leaving my physical fit or not. I can easily see a parade and be aware that although I do not look like models can enjoy those clothes or that style. It is a job that we have to do, in our head, not designers or set designers. It would be like casting Versace was just starring blondes and brunettes think that can not be said clothes.

What does bother me is the time jester, the we catch a different person (gorda, mayor, with Down syndrome, etc.) and ride them out of plan "modern and inclusive look at what we are"But then in their stores do little more than one good size L.

A plus size male representation you see necessary in Spain? Why do you think should be covered that sector?

I see a public performance required all, FOREVER. I think the fact that there are people that illustrate the difference is fundamentala. The problem that exists is the dangerous concept of believing that being fat or fat you can not have style, What a mistake! There are already many social networking profiles that prove otherwise. It is in the male part where there are still far fewer references, And even less if we talk about people with social relevance!

I actually think there are not many plus size male referents without even linking to fashion. Would you be able to name 5 regardless of style - - fat men known in Spain? I do not care whether celebrities, singers, actores, presenters… saving Nieto Pepón, Falete, Carlos Areces, Florentino Fernández or Chicote We will not find many more who have managed to be a plus size model of man in Spain.

Por supuesto, I'm sure will be many more than are listed here and I come to mind names like the great stylist Javier de Juanas or collaborator Bob Pop or Brays Efe that are fabulous and fashion risk. What is needed is that there are only present but to be able to see them as icons of style no matter how much mark your scale.

You see that you are different from other bloggers. How do you feel? Do you feel differentiation for brands or companies?

For me the difference is always positive. We must have confidence and especially a lot of self-acceptance. Once past that we live much happier. That difference with other bloggers and fashion characters is an opportunity and a disadvantage at a time.

I find very interesting proposals to precisely closer to the aesthetic in which there is a majority of the population find - let's call the #NormalTeam - and that opens doors for me; but I am also troubled brands that want to work with me but do not have my size or have clothes that I do not feel like a guy who would sit despite 70 kilos, And of course my picture does not fit them both!

I honestly have never had any serious problem but it is true that the starting points are different because I myself try and be. I can not, nor do I want, give you what gives you a skinny boy 19 años!