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The “little bracelets” blogosphere revolution

Surely his pieces are familiar to you and if you are a fan of blogs about moda surely you have seen it in bloggers as emblematic as Estefanía de Con 2 high heel shoes the Bethlehem of B a la moda, some emblematic examples among others many bloggers and trend hunters who have already been conquered by the nice and varied designs of La Señorita.

Por supuesto, I have also fallen and I already showed you the other day my bracelet and my grandmother's… but we had to go further and show you what is interesting about the firm, so we decided to do this interview so you can get to know its creator up close! Sin duda we share a lot of life philosophy and that is why this interview with Belén is an honor, the creator of Miss.

– ¿How La Señorita was born? ¿Who and why is behind? ¿why that name?

The blog is created by my eldest daughter in July 2008. Her name is La Señorita because that's what she called her school teachers when she was little.. Behind La Señorita there is a mother, two daughters and one of my sons-in-law.

– ¿What are your strengths and where would you like to improve??

I think my strong point is perseverance and being very perfectionist when it comes to finishing.. ¡¡¡But I have a lot to improve!!!

– ¿In the world of jewelry, how to innovate, for example, in bracelets? ¿How to get that unique and desirable piece?

I do not consider myself a jeweler at all, just I like it «pulsate». To innovate I take ideas from my day to day. Unique pieces we only have the engraved ones and, desired by almost everyone, the skulls. They have been and are the boom.

– Curious names of the products…. ¿a lot of joke? ¿Accessories are for fun?

The titles refer to my day to day, and although they seem funny they are not. Accessories are part of the fun, in life you have to be fun and have fun.

– The skulls… iconography, interest, passion, diferencia… ¿ Tell us where your passion comes from and the thousand ways in which it occurs to you «combine them!?

Even if it looks like a lie, because the blog is full of them, I never liked skulls. One day flat colored skulls crossed my life and I started to like them, They didn't scare me so much anymore. I can think of many ways to combine them, they play a lot, especially now that they are so fashionable.

– ¿Where and how can we get your jewelry?

They are not jewels, son «pulse». on the blog http://lasenoritalasenorita.blogspot.com/ you can see all the models and in Facebook many of them. Just contact us at eltallerdelasenorita@hotmail.com and delighted to inform you of everything.

– ¿What do you feel when bloggers proudly wear your bracelets?? (in the photo Belén de B a la Moda)

When I see it I feel like crying with emotion, jajaja. Keep in mind that I am older and I never thought I would be in this world of blogs and also so well accompanied by so many bloggers. But the best thing is the good people behind the blogs.

– I ask you as much as a blogger, as creator… ¿Do you think bloggers hold the key to trends?? ¿or the designers mark them and period?

I think that trends are set by designers but the blogger world is the one who moves everything.

– Any short or medium term plan…

lots of plans, I think I couldn't live without making plans, jajaja. But I like short-term ones and being able to enjoy them, although my life is based on «pulsate»

– Y ahora, a little dreaming…., any long term plan!

That one day someone would notice us to make a solidarity campaign, but I don't know if my eyes will see it. Meanwhile I'll keep thinking about what bracelet I'm going to make tomorrow, and I hope that the following generations continue with LA SEÑORITA. we can follow on facebook y Twitter La_SenoritaLS.