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It is a very important part of our body and we forget to care for and protect it deserves, It is therefore essential that we use hand cream men.

¿why it is essential that we men use hand cream?.Quick and easy answer would be: Well look boy, ¡because if! Because your skin will thank you (and who also touches)” pero bueno, since you have come this far is not a matter of being as edge, so do I'll explain well.

We have been saying for years that personal care is not a girl thing, but everyone should love each other and care, and although the metrosexual opened the ban and now most men are (más o menos) interested in men's care (just look how GQ magazine as interesting as proposed many articles about it) Certainly there are areas still quite unexplored. ¿And it is not curious that those territories that seem impossible are within reach of our hands. ¡literally!?

Hands is one of the most neglected areas of the human body. It has been standardized the care of the pelo, la beard, the ones, the ones, tabs, the skin of the face, ¡and we have forgotten the most obvious! I'll give you three reasons why incontestable think we use hand cream men.

  • Improve our skin: We must not forget that the skin is treated as an organism in itself ¡all of her! Like anything we do not take strong not to damage our stomach, ¿because we forget to take care of the skin as if nothing happened? Using hand cream we can improve that part of our skin.
  • Prevention better than cure: If you take care of your hands day by day, you will be able to repair the cracks caused by dryness and protect yourself from premature aging of that area that suffers so much from being “working” all day.
  • stroking better: Hands are not only useful to us. ¡but also for other people! Have a manicured hands, soft and tasty not only make us happy, but many people. A good handshake at work, a touch to a family, a while a couple…. ¡to caress better we must have a routine for the use of hand cream!

Use cream even once a day and will substantially improve your care hands. Remember to use, por ejemplo, always seeks to do at the moment and will become routine, for example getting out of the shower or before bed.

There are thousands of creams on the market. – and by the way, children, it is not necessary that the boat put “para hombre” so you can use them, ¡eh! – por what at the time that decidáis can start quickly and comfortably take care of yourselves. Por ejemplo, enDouglas, that is sure to have a store nearby or if your online store is not fetén, has aspecific section for hands where to find just what you need