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A training manual, formative, entertaining (and illustrated) about the wonderful (complex) world of tailoring.

Today I present a book to discover and to value the world of tailoring, one of the most complex part of the world moda. But surely now you know, it is worth remembering that tailoring is "art designer, cut and make a suit«. The tailor is one of the oldest professions in the world, and although it is now almost always associated with the realization of suits tailored jacket, in the past the tailor was responsible for measuring and creating all kinds of garments.

The author defines it as "the first book on Sastrería designed for enthusiasts and professionals

«Tailoring illustrated glossary of Salvador Godoy"This is the first book in Spanish of this category and through it all the secrets of the world of customization and manufacture of clothing gentleman discover. The book features an extra on "Theory of fabrics" that will charm the most enthusiastic of matter. In addition this book contains more than sartorial 450 illustrations showing graphic and simple way the essential aspects of each garment.

The book can buy exclusively through its website at a price of 39 €. The Web also provides a number of decorative sheets (Between 12 € and 19 €) with some of the illustrations in the book and that will adorn the walls of the most passionate about the subject.

Book Tailoring

About the Author: Salvador Godoy

Salvador Godoy, founder of Blog and Community's Classic Men's Fashion, He embarked ago 2 years in the adventure of writing his first book of sartorial. Tailoring, so fashionable in recent years, but really unknown to most, It is an area he knew well having published over 1.000 articles on the subject over the past 7 años.