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Above, abajo; alone or accompanied; white or black; surrounded by books or a simple mobile… always choose to be free in bed.

The hours spent in bed , either sleeping or enjoying your comfort, They are fundamental. The most important thing is that we enjoy this "essential piece of furniture" and that we decide to be free in bed. The preguntaréis: ¿Free in bed?, well yes, be left out of those four little corners a lot of prejudices. And I do not mean only the sexual arena - which we are still carrying a lot of taboos - but even small much happier everyday details that can make us.

  1. You decide how much to be in it… We all have vital commitments, es inevitable. But in our leisure time and relax Let no one tell you how to be in bed! Neither excess nor default. If you fancy a lie in until lunchtime, brilliant; If you prefer to leave home before sunrise and eat l day, equally well. The bed is very enjoyable, Much more, when you want to be in it
  2. You decide what to wear… En 2016 we have (or should we) very clear that neither is irresistible lingerie; or the old and broken shirts are shameful. If our clothes on the street is a message in itself, It is our bed becomes a prayer.
  3. You decide the colors around you… Are not you tired of all Nordic beds? Or conversely been so exhausted you Color? To begin to be free in bed Get started by choosing some sheets you release the mind! Si, that you like, whatever they say storefronts. And if those sheets of Minion make you happy worth more than they cost!
  4. You decide how you entertain yourself… A part of the sex - it will try in the next point - you must also be free in what you want to do it - when you're not sleeping. There is no time better or worse quality, Just do whatever you like. Is your moment, no one has to assess better or worse if you engage Instagram or if you're reading an essay. Only you are your, your bed and entertainment, nobody else matters.
  5. You decide what you do (o no) in her…. las 64 "Arts of the Kama sutra" you are very VERY outdated in 2016. Sex can be enjoyed 1001 ways. But what if you do not fancy? fetén, It must be equally respectable. Por ejemplo, the new FLEX campaign has just “brought asexuals out of the closet” - people who do not feel erotic attraction and who just want to be quiet in bed. Why not? In our bed, As with our body, we are the complete owners. uncompromising.

These five tips are great not only to be free in bed, but also to have a full night's sleep. I'm sure with all these decisions empoderándote, night - or times when you're in bed, remembers the point 1 – even more desired will become an element.

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