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A misunderstood word and its consequences ...

Sincerely, from this blog know that real beauty is based - apart from marketing campaigns - see the difference, originality and style beyond carvings or social beauty parameters tax. For that reason, I think that diversify the possible impact of other aesthetic morphs into society is a right and a duty. Rate more than a physical personality is always paramount, and accommodate different physiques, which can also be beautiful, suggestive, aesthetic and trendys, It is a must.

A guru moda, as Scott Schuman The Sartorialist, Curvy one day decides to call a girl, and bundled brown Why? I think, mainly for two reasons ...

First, that people are afraid to definitions, are You want to be so politically correct words like black, fat or thin, They are frowned upon. I would remind you how strong is not the word, but in the intention with which it is said - and thus I always remember a fun group prayed and "Compliment insults" Hello Bitch!"And insulting with flatteries" Look pretty…»”. En este caso, nor even it has been known to use words as "serious", the concept curvy in Spain could be transformed into something like contoured, Solid, – or buxom as I thought seeing her though this does not translate equally to all countries. As photographer asks on its website "what is the modern way to speak about size?”

In second place, such a stir occurs because the view is changed to what can be considered beautiful. As we see, baby photo shows a spectacular but healthy girl, far from anorexic models and flabby. I love to see those legs! I had told jamona and I would have is wider than long, because when you see something you like, You can only use the word that causes you more intensity. And that not everyone likes, prefer to continue thinking that beauty is on thinness, and it is absolutely false.

Respecting of course all thin people, gorda, High, baja, fea, lovely, original o mainstream, today I want to stick up for her. And as the genie said "I loved that she’s a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and tend to represent the genre.” Viva la difference.