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The brand new ASOS, Collusion, arrives to bring something different to the fashion industry and focusing their product philosophy to younger.

Reinventing categorization moda, and designed as a fluid product genus, Collusion, Asos new affordable brand is put on sale in October. A proposal for the future, made by and for an audience that wants something different from the fashion industry.

¿How Collusion was born?

During the past year, six young people were working to shape a new fashion line. This team of influential students, stylists, activists, image makers, authors and YouTubers, With her own voice online and a diverse following, she has taken Asos to places she could never have gone alone. The result is Collusion; a new fashion proposal on the market anchored in the ideals of collaboration, inclusion and experimentation.

«The brand model is built on a constantly evolving, and never remains static. The firm has as target to a new generation and, as such, the actual members of that audience, chosen for their strong personalities, They will be continuously invited to shape and to reimagine what Collusion» – explican desde la marca.

With the global launch 1 de octubre de 2018, Collusion is a manifestation of what this first group of six young people want for the future of the fashion industry. The six are consumers, consultants and architects of this brand, and they work in collaboration with a team of independent and creative designers assembled by ASOS, all experts in affordable fashion.

Besides without gender bias, the new brand will 100% animal free. Its objective: build a real and vibrant costumes that speaks directly to them and their contemporaries of Generation Z.

Launch campaign generational vocation.

The brand will launch a national campaign in the UK portraying 100 young Britons who have reached eighteen years 2018. Each of the 100 It is photographed in an authentic setting: their hometowns London, Glasgow, Birmingham y Brighton. All have been chosen by the personal story they have to tell. Each was asked a simple question: «¿What do you want for the year you come of age??«.

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This work becomes a group portrait and a visual census of the youth of Britain in a single moment in time. The ambitious project is a combination of fashion campaign, emotive art and social experiment. Behind the campaign there is an incredible British creative team led by director and photographer Dan Emmerson Tom Sloan.