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If Tuesday Vogue commented that some were disappointing me this September, as the Italian film or Korea redhead I have to say Vogue Australia He has managed to compensate all he had thought about how little had been taken seriously this September. I was blown away with this editorial.


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This is a production, as I said above, de Vogue Australia conducted by Nicole Bentley and starring the spectacular Catherine McNeil.

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Sí, also takes very cincuenteros outfits and sixties, It is inevitable because it is what has been seen on the catwalks (Vuitton, Prada…), but did you know become a real "story" for love and fall in love with these dresses, these scenarios, and how not? those eyes which Sophia Loren conquer beyond the camera ... perhaps the light of the island ... 46374_432004503871_53171133871_4873602_7413391_n

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