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We know from within Ab7, Granada cosmetics company offering the best products personalized "Luxury"Skin and pocket.

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AB7-Granada-cosmetic-custom (35)Yesterday afternoon, members of 2.55 Moda Communication and made a private visit to b7 facilities in Granada, where they make all their products. There they explained and taught the entire process of making creams and products as, maintaining not only legal standards but also of the highest quality, fully adapted and with the best guarantees. Sincerely, when firms organize meetings and so should know that know the "ins and outs" it is usually always more interesting. Not only marketing, but all the work involved. So thank you very much for teaching us to b7 "the guts"And hopefully every day more and more people know ...

AB7-Granada-cosmetic-custom (28)They not try to prefabricated products that add little details, since they perform the entire manufacturing process, certain departments through heavy, realization, testing and quality control. The cream (or cosmetic product) becomes so personal and unique that even including packaging bears your name! You know what I like to feel "celebrity"- and I think we all do - and Acknowledge Me this is a hoot!

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You will say "oysters Pedrín, this should be prohibitive!”; and I will answer completely cheerful: "Well, no”; ya que depending on the ingredients and requirements ask each cream, this can vary between 25 € or 35 €, as you see it is even much cheaper than other generalist brands.

AB7 a hoot is that also they dare to male skin and make products for men. They are aware that we want and we must guard - you know I'm not much of creams, since I'm forgetful and inconsistent – but I promise to spend – In addition to my lady mother to discover this marvel - and get a cream that leaves my skin like a baby's bum.

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I in "full fan" of this machine that can even discover spots and wrinkles on the skin before they leave plan

The process for getting your cream is very simple, make an appointment and you can stop by your local (C/Mozart, 7 . Granada - Near CC Neptuno). Once there make you a complete and thorough skin analysis and find out what gaps or hiccups you may have to subsequently propose a cream made on purpose with your prefereTRENDS, can add elements such as succulent flavor (even the perfume that you propose them), texture, etc ... If you do not reside in Granada – or you're a lazy / a – You can make a preliminary test online in order to discover what you need.

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My girls 2.55 with lipstick r usthe owners (I took in bar)

Nothing better than to learn about companies and their production fully understand how great products are achieved. Además en uno de los sectores que crea más dudas en cuanto a su realización como es el de la belleza y cosmética. Cuando, like in this case, conoces el proceso y a los responsables de una firma como Ab7 terminas de comprender el porqué de que mucha gente no pueda vivir sin ellos.

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