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Who cares if he drank? Who cares if drugged? When an icon like Amy dies Winheouse, the art world (remember that music and fashion they are also) but you can not mourn their loss. Back to black

Amy quickly became a style icon. The gateways then copied his huge almond head, the lengthy tails eyes became indispensable, the traditional British air, mixed and renovated with a decadent style and selfless. Lucieron los estampados, Gold ins, the headscarves, tattoos, dancers .... The resurgence of more choni but adapted to modern style.  Sin duda, Amy Winehouse también ha sido una estrella en el mundo de la moda.

Those photos to see where absorbed in full stupor are just the sample that genius, when overtaking, it may even be detrimental to the creator.  He has not been able to bear its own personality.  He has left behind her an iconic style that will become part of the essence and a British musical productions able to get the willies. Heartfelt lyrics, hard and transferred through a voice that remained in the ears, but it went to the heart.

Amy, you will not see those little legs more, the next lip piercing. There will be staggering on stage, but not over those great songs that you signed. Nobody got get an eye stripe emblematic as the Winehouse (however hard they try Lady Gaga). Today we all return to the black on his side. Back to black

This voice is ...