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A new way of understanding the relationships in internet. Spain reaches a new "love of French, with a very chic but above all with humor.

Here are the girls who decide who can or can not talk to them: men and women choose to propose.

Adoptauntio ligar internet elegir hombres (3)

French conservatism and love the French have done to make way for the phenomenon, that has gripped France, conquering more 5,6 millions of people. La web It has revolutionized the process seduction and now it is women who decide. It's the first Men shop online-order where the ladies make your purchase between the "products" registered on the web.

And as the interest aroused has crossed the French border and team has decided to choose Spain to continue experience on an international level. Very soon the Spanish can say "Goodbye" to the Iberian macho and make their particular "purchase" of men.

Adoptauntio ligar internet elegir hombres (1)

Last year, the launch of the teaser campaign in Spain generated a high expectation in the Spanish network, collecting, in a span of 24 horas, near 8.000 Email addresses requesting information on the opening of the web in the country. Now the phenomenon arrived in Spain under the name

It's time to shop, alone or with her friends! De hecho in girls can talk to each other and comment on the profiles of the boys.

In France, after conquering the hearts Press moda and female, this quirky and fun concept has spread throughout the country and each month, They are over 700.000 people between 18 y 35 años they exchanged words on the web. The website promises free of charge for life, as in France, for their 20.000 founder members. So you can register en este link.

To me it has long reminded me of the song Antonia Dell'Atte and I can only laugh at this mill.. of course I have already registered, so you know to "buy":

"If you decide and costs when you buy a pair of shoes, Imagine when you have so many guys to add to your cart ".