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From a musical fashion icon to a stylistic fashion icon without missing a beat…

In this first post in which we mix music and moda we cannot start any other way than with the most iconic fashion song ever: We talk about Vogue by Madonna.

It was launched on 20 March 1990 as the first single from the film's soundtrack album «I’m Breathless» de Dick Tracy. The song is ranked number 64 of the best-selling songs of all time.

Vogue's music video was directed by then-famous filmmaker David Fincher. This song usually appears on all his tours, even if it is on time, and it has become a fashion icon precisely because the song talks about the union between fashion and music ¡WHAT IS JUST WHAT WE ARE DOING HERE! “Strike a pose”.

En 1990 Madonna performed at the MTV Video Music Awards doing a controversial Vogue presentation. Madonna and her dancers appeared dressed in the purest French style of the 18th century, with the star imitating in a way much more hooligan than expected Marie Antoinette

The revolution of this song and its video has been so great that He even managed to bring Voguing to everyone, a dance created in the discos and gay dance centers of New York where dance competitions were held and that consists of moving the hands in fashionable poses and that the singer used in her video, ¡of course doing the poses of the fashion editorials of the magazines! Surely we have all repeated these movements at any time at any party.

Madonna has always been linked to fashion, especially since all the looks she chose quickly echoed in the masses. It has also been the forerunner of many styles and above all it has known how to change but without losing its essence.. And of course it has been the image in campaigns of famous brands such as Louis Vuitton or Versace (on which, according to Donatella Versace herself, it was without photoshop-… at least in the body.

And there we hooked with our second song today. ¿Te suena The Versace Collection?

Following the words of Donnatela Prince herself, he has always been closely linked to the Versace house. Both before and after the death of Giani Versace. In fact, the artist made an album called “The Versace Experience” given to attendees as a gift from the Versace show at Paris Fashion Week in the summer of 1995.

And of course Prince had to be in this post about the bible of music and fashion since his controversial style has been a source of inexhaustible news. He also began to play with fashion as a marketing tool., making its variety its difference. The American singer is undoubtedly a fashionista icon since the 80 demonstrating all the power that fashion had in these years, shoulder pads, glitters, etc…

His most famous single is Purple Rain and it is the one we are going to listen to next. The song is one of the icons of Prince, who has sung it in almost all his concerts since he composed it in 1984.

And with this melody I say goodbye wishing you a day full of voguing, color purpura y ¿cómo no? ¡de moda!