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Supermodels and music come together either starring in video clips or singing…

Today we come nineties to this space of union between moda and music. And especially with the good of Supermodels! When we put these two concepts together, what comes directly to mind?: The frídon!

There is no doubt that the song Freedom by George Michael takes us directly into the world of fashion at the hands of the great models of the 90 who did a great playback in their video clip. Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington y Cindy Crawford it was the girls, while John Pearson, Mario Sorrenti, Peter Formby and Jean-Ange Chiappini the guys in charge of modeling to the rhythm of this pop milestone.

The video was directed by David Fincher, the same one that made Madonna's Vogue that we already talked about in The pace of fashion #1: The most iconic icons.

Why was it decided that the models would star in the video? At that time George Michael made a lot of excitement – especially at the advertising level – saying I would never be in a video again. What was the idea to make up for his disappearance, Place them 10 best models of the time doing a playback! And from there to turn into a video and the song into a fashionista icon they only happened 3 chords and a half.

And now we proceed to join this song in a curious way with the next track on our list...

It is a fact that may surprise you as it happened to me when I discovered it, but it turns out that one of the models that make up this video clip also became a singer shortly afterwards., who are we talking about?

Well, neither more nor less than Naomi Campbell. Sí, as you hear, the model, chosen as one of the 50 most beautiful people on earth by People magazine, He also made his first steps in the world of music during the years 90, There was no truce!

He released an album called Baby Woman which would be his first and only album. The truth is that Naomi's musical career did not achieve the success that was expected. The world fame he had did not accompany it because he lacked some vocal quality. Por ejemplo, in the UK did not rise one position 75 on the hit list. It was not all bad, surprisingly, total, the album reached more than a million copies sold, most of them in japan.

As a curiosity to say that the aesthetics of her video was great and that it was shocking to see her shaving her legs in the bathroom as the cover of the album. In his first video clip, Love and Tears, which was the only single on the album appears with a mystical touch and gorgeous with short hair.

I think with a little more marketing, maybe I could have gone further. Not a musical rush! But there are other artists who still have a worse voice and of course a worse image.. Did you know this story? What do you think of the voice of the ebony goddess?