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Carmen Diaz FM Decade and I became our musical idols with Yiija shirts!

For more than a year I have collaborated with the radio program “Ay Carmela” in Decade FM. Every Thursday you can listen to my section “At the pace of moda” (Ouh Yeah!) around the 12:30h am. As you can hear, we had a bomb in each program mixing fashion and music; Speaking of icons, styles, characters and everything that comes to mind. Every week we try to put ourselves in the shoes of these singers who inspire us…. ¡Until it's been more real than ever!

Yiija camisetas disfraz (2)

Camiseta King inspirada en Elvis

When we discovered Yiija t-shirts! but we could not do this photo shoot so funny and so easy. Porque the big music icons have an essence and looks about as recognizable that we would all like sometimes to become them… and with these t-shirts it is possible. For many it will be a little disguise but, for other people like me, may be a styling very appealing to some special day or fun. ¿Why not?

They are shirts made in digital printing and designed to make the 3D effect or trampantojo (effect of visual deception for his realistic conception). As discussed creators Yiija! “we could tell people: if you want to be someone else in an instant … ¡¡Now it is possible!!”.

Yiija camisetas disfraz (4)

Jimmi shirt inspired by Jimi Hendrix

We have chosen for these pictures these musical icons, but they have many other categories, como el cine – I love the one inspired by Indiana Jones that I also have – o iconic and recognizable characters of a generic nature – the rapper or the biker are the most. You can check the complete list of your designs – for both girls and boys- en su web. They are available in different stores Spain (and various websites online) you can also discover on your page. ¡Many thanks to Yiija! for these musical idols become as fashionistas.

And remember ¡Long life to rock and roll, style and fun!

Yiija camisetas disfraz (3)

Camiseta Mercury inspirada en Freddy Mercury / Foto de portada: Soul Man T homage to the Blues Brothers.

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