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I liked the idea that governs this company, that focuses on fashion sell, more brands, and offer "unconventional" things

Gracias a Twitter, (where you can follow my daily adventures) conocí Alene y Amita… Un poco intrigado contacté con Fátima, so I explain a little what it was this "brand" and your email explaining charismatic I found that rather than tell thee what you sent me transcribe, they certainly do not mind:

Alene and Amita is an online store consists of two girls, Elena Alvarez and I, Fatima Valdes. Both live and work in Madrid. We are not a clothing brand, We not design us. Nos encanta la moda Worldwide. What you can find in London, Paris, rummaging US, or Japan has nothing to do with "tighter" concept is in Spain, so after knocking on many doors, we managed to find suppliers in these countries and cities, and our dream came true:Cosmopolitan fashion at a very competitive price!

We do not sell "marks" known because what we want is to sell fashion and not a "name". Initially we started with selling large firms 50% discount but we realized that We can offer something better, something chic and unconventional, rather than "stand" above those big firms and which it is located midway between Zara and Topshop, and I think we are getting there!

We are also advisors image and our services are very complete, desde un “simple” personal shopper hasta una innovadora idea llamada “calendario personal look” (I found very funny idea).

Sin duda, a "signature" talkative, personnel who can bring that differentiating aspect that we like. Check out, I'm sure something - probably many things - like you. The best: That is so affordable you can leave the card trembling! (it can be also considered as the "worst" ) Además tienen servicio de styling y escaparatismo. Incluso un minimalista blog de moda con algunas propuestas. Vamos, comprehensive lords!

I am pleased and encouraged me to see that in Spain we can also get this kind of firms, it is clear that can not compete in stock or production with the majors, but they can give a clear competence in personality and style.