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Modernity and color, Ana Locking signs of renewed but remain intact. What would God say?

ana_locking 2014 MBFWM (1)

For collection spring – Summer 2014 de Ana Locking, entitled «What Dos God Say», the designer proposes esthetic games ranging from the mystical signs – Inspired by how not Iluminatti? – passing the fluorine colors, or tinged with ethnic prints. An amalgam of sets and conjunctions creating a motley collection. Si, although not enough all these pictures are from the same collection.

ana_locking 2014 MBFWM (3) ana_locking 2014 MBFWM (6)

Highlighting the great accessories, que – although sometimes put into question – we must recognize that Ana always wins us over with them. I loved it all!

ana_locking 2014 MBFWM (2)

With a staging interesting – with repetition of the triangle and mystical music with dyes mixed with electronics – we discovered a strong attitude in images do not hesitate to go with the elegance marked by secrecy and symbolism.

Also very successful concept designer for men, Pinching small but very wearable garments even outside the cabinet fashion victims.


ana_locking 2014 MBFWM (5) ana_locking 2014 MBFWM (7)

Very salable, desirable, nice and history. Ana Locking has accustomed us well and continues to give us what we ask for.

ana_locking 2014 MBFWM (4)