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Sevillian Anel Yaos wins the 8th New Designers Contest at the 10thª Andalucía de Moda edition.

Anel Yaos has won the First Prize of the VIII New Designers Contest from 10ª edición de Andalusia of Moda, organized by the Association of Fashion Business Designers of Andalusia (ADEMA).

The young man, from Seville, has obtained the award of 5.000 €, intended to complete their training in the field of fashion design, con ‘The other side of heaven’, a proposal with which he wants to convey the surrealist vision of things, looking from another point of view than usual and seeking to enhance and elevate that enigmatic character created in his mind to a very high position, not on their social status, but in a way of being, drawing inspiration from great creators and geniuses who developed ideas ahead of their time.

This fashion collection by Anel Yaos is about maintain man's masculinity, remaining in the foreground the years 70 y 80 with great icons of the time like Cindy Lauper or Vivienne Westwood. Other concepts present in this proposal are trendy and English fashion, the ambiguous, the evolution, the volumes and, sobre todo, that idea of ​​attracting attention. The designs are composed of very classic garments, like shirts, cardigans, shelters.., faced with other very voluminous and daring, as well as feminine, like skirts and tails. All this made with tailor fabrics, Point of lana, raincoat or pelo, in a range of colors in various shades of gray and white.

Here a video of the trdown from the designer in the past Move Sevilla 2012 .

SPECIAL MENTION. The Jury has decided to award a Special Mention to the young Claudina Mata, who has received a award of 1.000 € to complete their training in the world of fashion, granted by the Program DESENJACA del Andalusian Youth Institute. ‘vintage vintage’ is a collection that invents and reinvents styles, combining the new with the traditional. Claudina Mata works experimenting with the fusion of current trends with reminiscences of past ones, found the vintage style in garments with an ancestor spirit, based on exclusive high level designs and, por lo tanto, of great creative value.

This proposal mixes the premises of the styles of the years 30 with the elegance of 50 y 60. Feminine silhouettes and fitted garments stand out, chasing women to look elegant, curvy in skintight suits and dresses and knee-length skirts. Source of his inspiration are Pierre Cardin, Cristobal Balenciaga and Givenchy. The young woman from Jaén contributes to each styling a touch of distinction with handcrafted applications created in brass, showing jewelery and artistic elements that decorate and shape this collection thanks to the shine and golden color of the metal. Closures also stand out., hair applications, the corset and original bracelets.

In the contest, organized by the Association of Fashion Business Designers of Andalusia (ADEMA) with the patronage of Andalusian Youth Institute through the UNBOX Program, A total of ten young people participated, aged between 21 y 35 years and from Almería (1), Cádiz (3), Jaén (1) and Seville (5).

The jury of VIII New Designers Contest has been formed by the Director of the Andalusian Youth Institute, Raul Perales; the Manager of Perfumeries AROMAS, Rafael González; the Marketing Director of Concesur Mercedes-Benz, Sarah Moreno, the person in charge of Tour Operations of Tourism of Seville, Santiago García-Dils; el Director de Marketing Local de IKEA, Vincent Gonzalez; the journalist Clara Guzman; the President of ADEMA., Philip Vivas; la diseñadora Carmen Maza; businesswoman and owner Woman's Bite, Ana Nieves; jewelry and accessories designer Esther Amo; the journalist, bloggera y Community Manager, fashion blog editor, culture and Viajes Tupersonalshopperviajero of the El País Community, Pilar Bernal, and the journalist Victoria Bioque.

Organized by ADEMA, Andalusia Fashion count once again on the support of the Andalusian Government, through the Andalusian Youth Institute with the UNBOX Program, belonging to the Ministry of the Presidency and Equality, as well as with the sponsorship of the chain of perfumeries AROMAS, Concesur Mercedes-Benz y Seville Tourism, In addition to the special collaboration of IKEA, CEDECO and House BELMONTE TRIANA.