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We live in a wonderful digital age where you can find an app for everything. We're talking about ordering pizza, communicate with our loved ones, to learn a new language, even check our stress levels for the day.

There are literally millions of applications available in the app stores whether on Android or Apple phones., some of them can even help us refine our style by giving us a glimpse of the best men's clothing combinations, pero ¿Which ones are really worth downloading?

To prevent your phone from running out of space unnecessarily, we have compiled a summary of the applications that every elegant man should download to create the best outfits for different occasions.

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Entonces, if you are not happy with your current provider, We suggest that you contact Optimal customer service and sign up for the Internet offer that best suits your needs. Without any more preambles, Let's explore the apps you should download.

1. Instagram

Instagram It's not just a place to share photos of your lunch or funny snaps of your dog: This platform is full of inspiration from moda and style for men of all ages and tastes.

Not only global brands have resorted to using the social network since its creation in 2010, But you can also find the best men's fashion bloggers among their millions of profiles., street style photographers and publications that will fill your mind with ideas and help you create the best combinations.

  • Available free on iPhone and Android .

2. Depop

eBay is great and everything we want, but for those who find the process of making a list very tiring, Depop could be your new best friend.

If you want to have a dream wardrobe, This app should not be missing on your smartphone, here you can explore hundreds of styles and stick with the one that appeals to you the most. This application is constantly growing which guarantees that you will always be able to find something new to discover, from vintage clothing to current fashion.

And if your goal is to sell to be able to renew your closet, then it is also ideal for you, You can take a few photos of the clothes you choose and fill out some information to start sharing with other users and generate money with your sales.

  • Available free on iPhone and Android.

3. Pinterest

Start using Pinterest and you'll never have to look for outfit inspiration again.. Think of it as an online photo album and you get the idea., get countless combinations of men's clothing.

Just type a keyword (por ejemplo, “jeans negro”) and you will get thousands of results from which you can help you create the best outfit for your date, interview or casual activity. You can save the ideas to recreate them later or you can even upload your own outfit ideas to help other men find their ideal style.

  • Available free on iPhone and Android.

4. Cool Guy

Bien, The name of this app doesn't leave much to the imagination., Maybe it could be improved a little in that regard., but the Cool Guy app can change the way you see your wardrobe.

Something essential that every gentleman should keep in mind is that it is not only about having hundreds of pieces to wear but rather learning to combine with everything you have.. This app does the job very well of helping you create spectacular combinations.

You can take photos of your clothes and use the app to organize them into outfits. Being able to try mixing and matching many different pieces on one screen, instead of trying them all, It's a sure way to become more adventurous and avoid getting stuck in a style rut..

  • Available free on iPhone and Android.

5.     Cloth

We are a long way from the Wallace and Gromit style machines that dress us every morning, but Cloth is quite close to this dreamed reality.

This smart app lets you take photos of your favorite styles, receive feedback from other people and can even act as an alarm clock, waking you up with suggested outfits for that day based on the weather outside.

  • Available free on iPhone.

Keeping up to date with trends is essential when you are passionate about fashion and stand out for your good dressing everywhere you go.. If you download the five apps that we have mentioned in this article, you will be able to enjoy creating the best combinations of men's clothing and always look stylish..