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The "remains" of the Brazilian style with Italian "taste" comes on the heels of a pair of sandals that, by stylish and ecological are, They cost a whopping 55 € to 90 €.

This summer continues the "love story" of Missoni  and Havaianas, two great brands continue their collaboration now presenting "Missoni loves Havaianas 2012». Hover between 55 € and 90 € and however sincerely they are Bangin and missonis seems a bit silly price for a simple flip-flops... And knowing that they are made with the remains of other!

With remains: The "deep commitment to the  environment "has led to firms has performed the mini-collection Missoni loves Havaianas 2012 with spare parts rubber process  manufacturing. Combining multicolored cuts Havaianas Brazil collection and using a photo printing technique for printing the motive of the house Missoni.