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Happy Socks and shoes this season come together to present special collaboration in these shoes limited edition.

Who says you can not dance together dots and dashes?

Keds seriously signature becomes increasingly cool stuff! After having Taylor Swift, now join with these socks as groovy. Surely all in the line of positive brand image, cheerful, "Very American" as they say and certainly talkative. No doubt this great symbiosis and I find it interesting and fun. Congratulations!

Models, one for boys and another for girls, inspired by the American spirit de Keds unido al estilo único de Happy Socks, which has resulted in a fresh and vibrant design.

Champion classic silhouette model has been invaded the heel to toe by white polka dots, rojos y azules and it comes with an exclusive pair of socks made in Happy Socks Stripes in the same colors.

Además, esta limited edition It is packaged in a special packaging designed by the two firms. The collaboration will for sale Isolated (Madrid) by 65 Euros, from next 26 de Noviembre.


«Estamos encantados de colaborar con Happy Socks. Both brands embody a sense of fun, and that is exactly the word that comes to mind when thinking of this collaboration.

From the design of the shoes through the socks that perfectly complement, until the package containing both designs ...

Who says you can not dance together dots and dashes? We hope to embark on future projects together ", admite Donnie Brooks, Keds Product Manager.