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The firm launches its new running shoes, Gorun.

American marathoner Meb Keflezighi, Olympic silver  Athens 2004, They will seek to have them in a new JJ. AND. 2012

Skechers Gorun is the first model of a collection of minimalist shoes ultralight GOimpulse natural feedback sensors and sensitive. Esta new e  Light minimalist and innovative online with revolutionary mid-foot strike technology or tread on the midfoot and Goimpulse sensors to enhance sensory feedback.  (Precio: 79,95 EUROS)

American marathoner Meb Keflezighi, Olympic silver in Athens 2004, and winner of the NYC Marathon 2009, He ran with this new model in this edition 2012 Marathon New York, beating its own brand, and will seek a new podium at the Olympic Games in London 2012.

"Our research team worked for three years with riders like Meb to create a shoe that guarantee the Mid-foot strike, tread on the midfoot, who helps run the metatarsal and allows the advanced tread, y elevar así al máximo la experience natural de correr”, Armed Leonard explica, presidente de Skechers Fitness Group. "Although Skechers Gorun is extremely flexible, sensible, light and minimalist sole, su tecnología de sensores Goimpulse y su suela de Resalyteproporciona una mayor protección contra los impactos sobre cualquier superficie. Many people are not comfortable running barefoot, so that  with Gorun offer the best of both worlds, and this is only part of what makes this shoe attractive for runners of all levels ", continues its explanation.

Mid-foot Strike. La tecnología SmartShoepatentada por Skechers posiciona el cuerpo gracias al eficiente Mid- foot  Strike or tread on the midfoot. This causes the foot strikes the ground faster and reduces the impact of heel surprisingly. (This is the way in which it is assumed that  It runs course). Deflects the force of impact and converts the energy in a propeller motion.

Sensors GOimpulse. Innovative placement of the sensors in the sole allows them to move together and independent, providing sensory feedback to the brain and increasing tread sensitive response. With them, brokers are able to feel more accurately, terrain better react and adjust their step. A dynamic interaction that produces a more natural and responsive operation. Sensors Rubber high adhesion at the points of impact create greater stability and traction control.  

4 mm heel drop (Heel DROP) Falling heel Skechers Gorun allowed to be one 66 percent lower to the ground than most running shoes and resembles natural way to run barefoot. The width of the front space joins this sense, because it provides more space for the toes to expand, grab and push back on every stride.

Lightness. Go Run de Skechers, especially its fabric and laces, They are designed and built to be as light as possible, weighing 204 gr. the man (based on the size 42 man) and of 145 gr. the woman (based on a size 37 of woman). 

Ergonomic and flexible. The antimicrobial OrthoLite® template system helps inhibit odor and prevents displacement of the foot. The sole offers flexibility and can rotate 360 ​​degrees in any direction foot, enabling the shoes bend in all directions. Además, They are designed without seams on the inside, which it makes them very comfortable to run without sock.

Then comes GOtrain, with a line to the gym and developed through testing of the New England Patriots and the athlete Danny Woodhead. Gorun RIDE also come with extra cushioning and a shoe being more "armed" and resistant. And beyond the gym and track, Skechers plans to launch a line called GOwalk reclaimer and a more casual, Goplay.