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Fashions, albeit ephemeral, born when we imitate those who believe more elegant. Once accepted, They consolidate and remain in effect for years before beginning its inevitable decline. It was always the powerful who set trends and changes in the way they dress or behave but cine changed everything. Curiosity fair mutated into mass phenomenon and multiplied propagation speed of fashion.


Back in 1950, Elsa Schiaparelli, the designer who was inspired by the silhouette of A West to create the packaging of its famous scent, He ruled that the designs of the films of today will be our tomorrow fashions. This was already. The films came anywhere so quickly that the spread of any garment, style gesture, He was assured. The film has been renamed, popularized or buried uses and clothing.


Since an elegant and stylish Joan Fontaine strolled his anguish for the gloomy mansion of Manderley, wearing a simple cardigan, nobody has stopped calling for the title of the film overwhelming Hitchcock, Rebeca. Sabrina He gave its name to the delicate flat shoes Audrey Hepburn y Baby doll, the nightgown, worn by a young Carroll Baker, He shocked the American society biempensante film Elia Kazan.

clark-gable-suceic3b3-una-nocheIt Happened One Night popularized pajamas and buried Vest. In the Oscar-winning tape Frank Capra, Clark Gable showing, under his shirt, his naked torso and shared pajamas with heroin, flirty and distinguished Claudette Colbert. From its premiere, selling T-shirts and nightgowns while barreling collapsed the slumber. Later, the male wardrobe in the reconverted T-shirt Short sleeve, thanks to the athletic image of the heroic soldiers of the Second World War played by a whole host of Hollywood heartthrobs.

Chanel devised the Little black dress mid-twenties but it was recreation Givenchy to Breakfast at Tiffany's which it made him an unmistakable icon. The innocent sweetness Audrey Hepburn holstered in its Little black dress (para los Anglophone) with his eyes hidden behind a glasses Wayfarer de Rayban It is a familiar sight to anyone, anywhere in the world.


Many successful films have resurrected old fashion thanks to the collaboration of designers and filmmakers.

Así, Christian Dior he created his collection 1966 inspired by the wardrobe Doctor Zhivago, masterpiece David Lean; Armani revived long coats, three-button suits and vests in the recreation of violent Prohibition Chicago who gave us Brian de Palma en The Untouchables and baroque details of lace and embroidery reappeared in our streets in the mid-eighties after a wave of films like dieciochescas Amadeus y Valmont, de Miloš Forman o Dangerous Liaisons de Stephen Frears, based on the last two scandalous - for its time – epistolary novel Choderlos de Laclos, Les dangerous liasons.


James-Dean-Rebel-Without-a-CausePlayers, actresses and characters have become icons and archetypes of moda which is already timeless. So with leather jacket Marlon Brando en Wild, Texans James Dean de Rebelde sin causa or the revival Twenties The great Gatsby starring Robert Redford.

The trench Humphrey Bogart, sea interpretando a Richard Blaine en Casablanca, al detective Sam Spade de The Maltese Falcon, o a Philip Marlowe, the cynical private investigator The Big Sleep, It was enshrined in the hilarious tape Herbert Ross, Dreams of a seducer, in which the ghost of Bogey he appeared to a gullible and shy Woody Allen the he is advising in their relationship with women.

And what about them?

tumblr_ligg0sEP2d1qio8eoo1_500Without the hieratic elegance Garbo or the calculated ambiguity of the exotic Marlene Dietrich We could not understand the feminisation of many garments created for man. Identify the voluptuousness and long, fitted evening dresses with Marilyn Monroe is as simple as indissoluble relationship is the archetypal suit with the angelic and beautiful Ingrid Bergman he wore on countless occasions. Or the long gloves with explosive Gilda de Rita Hayworth or refined Audrey Hepburn, as they serve to shed elegantly or stay put. Without Hitchcock there would be the epitome of blonde beauty, cold, elegant and slightly haughty smile tender but still represents the exquisite Grace Kelly and others of his muses as Kim Novak o Tippi Hedren and a chic French version born of new wave, Catherine Deneuve.


Without the original and stylish Katherine Hepburn who accompanied us for more than four decades of cinema, we would not have met the girl with delicate features and comfortable wardrobe masculine cut later incarnate Diane Keaton en Annie Hall. And of course, not the popularization of pants understand that an old and great Hepburn Lucia, elegant and natural as ever, in the delicious On Golden Pond.

We could say that the relationship between fashion and cinema is round.

The film dressing They inspired by the social reality and reinterpret. Since the screens are spread again to the same company where she was born and ends by suggesting habits, fashions and behavior; more new, renewed. But the end of star-system it also meant the disappearance of film archetypes and gave way to the reign of the ephemeral, Fashions rapid consumption and season. Perhaps that, myths still survive from that golden age and still occupy a central place in fashion and popular culture. The cinema of today is creating stars, aesthetic and stories but lacks the strength of those old posters that appeared, unreachable, the stars we wish to be or who would like to take the arm.