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Vogue Arabia dedicates its June issue to "pioneer" women. For it carries its cover woman at the wheel just the month that women's veto rises to drive in the country.

Vogue Arabia wanted homenajear a «las mujeres pioneras» and he has made it clear putting in portada a woman at the wheel. The protagonist of the cover is the princess Hayfa bint Abdullah Al Saud fotografiada por Boo George.

Dentro del número aparecen otras mujeres saudíes como Manal al-Sharif, an activist for the rights of women and suffered imprisonment after challenging the veto; the model Shanina Shaik, primera mujer saudí en desfilar para Victoria’s Secret; Ahd Kamel, the first Saudi actress to appear on Netflix and Saja Kamal, soccer player trying to establish the first women's team kingdom. Bajo la idea de «abrir camino» a una nueva generación de mujeres que tienen algo que decir.

This June – From the day 24 – entra en vigor en Arabia Saudí una nueva ley que permite a las mujeres conducir , es the last country that vetoed this capacity women. YES friends! In 2018! There were still countries that do not allow women to drive, that we should be aware as feminism is not only fair, But necessary!

As confirmed by various means, this cover with a woman behind the wheel, with heels and some hair peeking out from under her abaya It could have caused a stir until very recently in the country. «In our country, There conservatives fear of change. For many, It is all they have known. Personally, I support these changes with great enthusiasm. It is easy to comment on other companies and think that one is superior, but the West must remember that each country is unique and unique. We have strengths and weaknesses, but anyway it is our culture and it is better to try to understand that judge«, Princess said Hayfa.

Vogue Arabia

En los medios han explicado que la portada ha sido muy aplaudida pero que también ha recibido críticas que consideran que la cabecera «He has missed the opportunity to give visibility to less privileged women princess y que se han «jugado la vida» para luchar pos sus derechos».

I believe that in this case, aunque la portada esté protagonizada por una celebrity que sin duda lo que realiza es el «efecto llamada» en el kiosko, Vogue Arabia fulfills its role not only bet on the style, sino también por «the lives of its readers» en esta estrategia que aúna reivindicación, celebration and beauty.