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Years ago I made a decision that at times I have repented but has given me great satisfaction. I decided to study architecture. The Explico. To me I have always enjoyed designing, especially moda. I remember my childhood with a box of colors, a blank paper and remaking the dresses that Lady Di saw in magazines. It was rare, sí.

When the time came to choose a profession, I forgot about all those pictures and decided channel my creative side to another world, the architecture. The truth is that we simply chose a safer way to remain because ultimately designer, both work as another had to give the best of myself. Sí, I know that now you are laughing at the thought as is the world of architecture, but I promise you that when I made that decision, architecture was a secure career. But what would. I chose a profession but did not intend to give up another. I realized that I could combine -iluso- easily the two professions. And my plan had a sound basis. There have been many designers who have been trained in the world of architecture before reaching the world of fashion. There was to be the first, or last.

My example at the time was Paco Rabanne, who studied architecture during the years 50 and he ended the career sketching dresses. I have always found many similarities between the metal mesh dresses of Paco Rabanne and High Tech architecture Norma Foster. And the truth is that both coincide in time when they begin to experience in their jobs. In both cases handled similar concepts home with Futurism during the sixties and seventies is implanted in many artistic disciplines.

Gianfranco ferre

Although it was Gianfranco Ferre who got the nickname "Architect of fashion" for his highly structured dresses. De hecho, as it is done in architecture, the structure Dresses Gianfranco is based on the material, in this case the tissue using. Y es que It is not the same build and design concrete or wood with silk or cotton. Ferre never knew differentiate, he himself recognized, the process of designing a dress, a building or other object. Maybe that's why I'm fascinated some ads Gianfranco Ferre, because they are World's own photographs of architecture in the world of fashion, where present acquire models that could have a skyscraper.

And this I tell you today because I'm looking my way. Because I want to keep having fun imagining and creating. Design. Dream. In any discipline.

A Support, also finds its way as a designer.