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A quality product Bluebeard selected for each of the key parts of the male care

Cosmetics and beauty for man is democratizing rapidly. Certainly men are increasingly aware that many products can not only help them have a better look, but also a healthy and complete beauty. seleccionamos aquí 5 articles 🔝 for men's care

When Bluebeard's friends showed me their web, donde recopilan los mejores productos para el cuidado masculino y como ellos mismos definen «personal care products have high quality for men (and some delicacies for woman), hard to find in Spain and highly valued by those who already know«, I did not hesitate to make this article with what I consider 5 essential items for the general care of man, differentiated according to their zone of action you ready?

En la shaving area Bluebeard we can find foams, maquinillas, aftershave or specific soaps, but among all I am left with the aftershave balm Truefitt & Hill. En la web encontramos el «1805» que según definen en la web es «pieza viva de la historia británica» y la esencia West Indian Limes basado en la mezcla de cítricos.


There is also a sección para la beard dedicated to all those who decide to get carried away, to keep famously (you know I did an article for a beard pro) en este caso I wanted to stay with OAK Oil Softener, that unlike other oils thanks to its skin repairing power, not only hair, but also what you have below, which is appreciated. Además, como more, It has certified 100% organic by the BDIH.


En la section dedicated to the care of the face reflect on if the face is the mirror of the soul why not take care? Then, my intention is always greater cleaning, as throughout the day, with sweat, the environment and our own skin regenerates, that accumulated debris is removed as healthy with a good cleaner, I have chosen for it el Daily Face Wash de Baxter of California, con Aloe Vera and Ginseng, They do not dry the skin and keep it smooth and firm. Furthermore it carries no added flavorings.


In zone dedicated to body ciudado en general, We find deodorants, moisturizers, or exfoliating gels. I prefer este genial kit de trip de Grown Alchemist. Y diréis «¡Eh, that's cheating, They are actually many products!» Pero he de reconocer la importancia que tiene el mantener el cuidado del cuerpo incluso cuando se está de viaje no olvidar los cuidados masculinos. Y según afirman en la web de Barbazul «Another advantage of this travel kit, which makes it even more practical, It is that you can share with your girl. The products are great for the skin of the two«.


Por último, but no less important because it is what most is us, está Hair section , perhaps one of the area's abandoned men, we usually go to a shampoo that we like and then as much hair gel for a special hairstyle. But things are changing and more and more styles and options, why I prefer this styling wax Baxter of California to define and shape your hair but with matt effect which will leave you a completely natural.